What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?

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In Christian circles, we have these terms we sometimes call “Christianeze”.

Basically, it’s a lingo that Christians use and that non-Christians most times don’t understand….or misunderstand. One of those terms is “born again”.

When Jesus said that we need to be born again, he gave very clear instructions as to why this is important and how. Learn what it means to be born again. #alittlerandr #bornagain #salvation #evangelism #church #Bible #John #OnlineBibleStudy #womensBibleStudy

This isn’t anything new.

Actually, in John 3 we see that Jesus used this very term and confused the person He was talking to.

He was talking to a guy named Nick, and the guy got this weird mental image of him back in his mother’s belly and being born….well….again.

What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?

Every mother is now in mental agony imagining giving birth a second time, but this time to a full-grown man.

No thank you!

Jesus didn’t patronize Nick; He didn’t gawk at his lack of “Jesus lingo” or make Nick feel stupid for not understanding what He meant…

He carefully and lovingly explained what He meant and their conversation makes up 21 verses of this chapter.

A very important conversation that we need to go back and read very carefully, because many churches have either completely lost the understanding of Jesus’ words or have watered them down to the point that they don’t closely resemble what Jesus actually said.

Interestingly enough, Jesus wasn’t conversing with an unbeliever, but with someone who was religious and yet could not discern spiritual things.

This sounds like many sitting the pews every Sunday!

In this post by Pastor Dean from Foundational (who also happens to be my dad), we learn about what it means to be born again.

He shares with us 4 important steps to take and why each of them are important for our Christian life.

I also encourage you to check out the posts below, as well as the free downloads in those posts that you can use to evangelize and pray for your lost friends and loved ones.

4 Important Steps To Becoming Born Again

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