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If you haven’t battled anxiety once in your life, I’m questioning if you’re really alive.

I don’t believe that anyone is immune to the temptation to become anxious.

For some, it’s the feeling of not being in control.

For others, it’s the unknown.

Perhaps it’s the loss of a sense of safety or familiarity.

Desk layout with the two printable bookmarks with 5 Scripture prayers for anxiety

There are many reasons why we battle anxiety, but it is a battle worth waging and a battle worth winning.

The Bible commands us to be anxious for nothing.

And I believe nothing means nothing.

Worry, anxiety, and fear negate the character of God as sovereign and almighty.

These are His name. These are the very essence of who He is.

And when we give in to worry, fear, and anxiety, we’re saying, “God, you are not almighty enough. God, you are not sovereign enough. I am going to have to try to figure this out on my own.”

The only weapon we need to battle anxiety is God’s Word.

I have shared with you Bible cards with 5 Scripture Prayers for anxiety.

10 Bible Verses to Battle Anxiety

I also offered you a journal of 30 Scriptures on anxiety to meditate on.

Today, I’m taking those Scripture prayers and sharing them with you in the form of a bookmark!

Below you can grab these two simple bookmarks with Scripture verses to remind you of what God’s Word says about who you are in Him.

These bookmarks are free. Simply print them, laminate them, and then stick them in your Bible for easy reference.

Also, feel free to tell a friend, so they can get them, too.

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Desk layout with notebook, coffee, and glasses, Bible verses laying on top
Printable sheet of 10 Bible verses to fight fear
Life can be hard and we can go through seasons when we feel like we can't go on. Here are 5 Bible verses to build your faith in the hard times. #faith #Bible #warroom #prayer #Scripture #Christian #Christianliving #Jesus
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