5 Simple and Fun Alternatives to a Prayer Room

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Have you tried a war room or a prayer room and found it didn’t work for you?

Maybe your home is too small, or you just find that the whole idea of a prayer room just doesn’t mesh with your personality or lifestyle.

The one thing I’ve discovered is that it is very easy to create a doctrine around a good idea, or feel that somehow your spiritual life is less powerful because you don’t fall in line with whatever is popular at the moment.

When I first watched the movie War Room, I loved the idea of having a place dedicated to prayer and study of God’s Word.

I still love that idea!

But our home is small and every square inch of it is used for a specific purpose. After our home renovation in 2016, I decided to use a part of my pantry as a war room.

I carefully chose verses, quotes, and even some sermon notes and hung them a wall and the backside of my pantry door.

But do you know how many times I’ve used it for my prayer time?

Zero times.

There’s a reason, in the winter it is bitterly cold – it even doubles as a fridge when cold enough. And its just not the most pleasant place to pray.

In fact, I find it distracts me a lot, because it tends to be a catch-all room at times. So, when I go in my pantry to pray, I start organizing and cleaning.

A prayer room just doesn’t work for me.

But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try to find a prayer system that works for me; whether I call it a war room, or something else.

5 Creative a Fun Alternatives to a Prayer Room

1. Prayer Journal

There is no reason why you couldn’t take the idea of a war room and translate it into a journal. In fact, for writers and those who do art or bullet journaling, this is probably the best idea of all.

I love the idea of bullet journaling and habit trackers, in fact, I am working on my first bullet journal now.

One the best things about having a prayer journal is that it is minimal and mobile. It can easily fit in your purse or bag, and you can slide it on your bookshelf right next to your Bible.

2. Prayer box

My dear friend Mandy has a blog post about using prayer box in this post Organizing and Tracking Prayer Requests. I absolutely loved this idea, because it’s so easy to just write down the need and put it in its proper spot!

It’s very handy and easy to track, plus when God answers a prayer, you can date it and slip it under a file called “Answered Prayers”. And then review that tab whenever you’re feeling discouraged.

3. Prayer cards

This could be similar to the prayer box idea, but you could hole punch them and put them on a ring, or just paperclip them together, like I do.

This is the method I have used a lot in my own personal life.

I offer a set of prayer cards with prayers to pray over your house below that you can download for free.

Using prayer cards help you keep from getting overwhelmed, and also from forgetting to pray for a need someone has shared with you.

4. Prayer sticks

I saw this idea on Pinterest not long ago and thought the idea was very creative!

Grab a bunch of large tongue depressors and write one need down on each tongue depressor. You can decorate them and use mason jars.

Keep them on the window sill above your sink, on your dresser, or in the area of your home where you usually pray. Pull them out one by one and pray over them.

You can even have a second jar where you drop each prayer stick once you’ve prayed over them, and make it a goal to pray through each prayer each week.

5. Visual Prayer Reminders.

You can create a prayer album by gluing pictures of each person your praying for, or some visual reminder of them: a missionary prayer card, business card, Christmas card they’ve sent you, etc.

If you’re super creative, you could make a prayer scrapbook, and even decorate the page once God has answered the prayer you’ve prayed over that person.

You see, there are many various ideas and ways you can make prayer fun, exciting, creative, and work for you and your personality.

Some women are very creative and they’re prayer lives will reflect that with beauty, color, and vibrancy

Other women are more minimal, and the method they choose to pray will reflect this more minimalist approach.

Other women, like me, are organizers – so journals and index cards work best for us.

It isn’t the method that’s important, it’s finding a way to connect with our Creator in a style that helps keep us consistent and passionate!

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