How To Use the Prayer Strategy Worksheet

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Have you ever written a prayer strategy for your war room?

Perhaps you don’t even know what a prayer strategy is. In my post, How to Write a Prayer Strategy for Your War Room, I share about the importance of a prayer strategy and why we need to implement this importance practice in our prayer life.

And with it I offered this free printable

Here are 6 steps you need to follow to write out a successful prayer strategy so that you live and walk in continually victory. #alittlerandr #prayerstrategy #freedownload #freebie #worksheet #warroom #prayer #spiritualwarfare

Since that post, I’ve received a number of comments and emails asking how to use the printable, so today I would like to offer this post as a tutorial on how to use this very popular and important printable.

How To Use the Prayer Strategy Worksheet

In my post, I talk about the six stages of a prayer strategy: Understand your opponent, know your battleground, determine your opponent’s strategy against you, get a plan of action, write out your strategy, and worship.

Each of these stages are very important to follow.

Step one: My Enemy

While we should never make the enemy our central focus, we must understand our enemy in order to develop an effective strategy against him.

We should neither underestimate nor elevate his ability. By this I mean that we should not suppose that the enemy is powerless nor too powerful.

He does have power – the power that Almighty God allows him to have.

Who is your enemy? What is he like? Describe him in this section – and be sure to use Scripture as your guide.

Step two: My Battleground

A good soldier understands their battleground: the layout, the terrain. To fight on a battleground you don’t know could cause you to trip and stumble at a crucial moment that could mean winning or losing your battle.

You don’t want to take chances of accidentally falling into a pot hole at a crucial moment in your battle!

Get to know your battleground.

Where is it? What traps could be there? What stumbling blocks lie there? What boundaries are there?

Step three: The Enemy’s Strategy

Do you want to win the victory in this area of your life? This is a crucial step for you!

In order to develop a winning strategy, you must know the strategy of your enemy. Take his strategy and use it to your advantage.

Is the enemy twisting Scripture to get you to believe his lies? Is he using an addiction, past failure, old hurt or trauma to keep you trapped in a cycle from which you need to be free?

Write down his strategy against you.

You may need to talk with some trusted friends who have know you for a while to get their perspective. Sometimes our friends can see these things more clearly that we can.

Listen to my podcast on how to write a prayer strategy:

Step four: My Plan of Action:

Here is where you begin to strategize. I recommend spending a lot of time in prayer for this step.

What Scripture verses will you meditate on? What steps will you take when temptation comes your way? What is your plan when the enemy begins whispering lies to you or reminding you of your past hurts and failures?

We we ever hope to gain victory in our lives, we must have a plan. A strong plan. A winning plan!

Step five: My Strategy:

Here is where we take everything we’ve mapped out from steps one through four and put it into a formal strategy.

Write it out in a clear and concise way.

Once you’ve written this out, I recommend copying it out onto a few index cards and posting one on your bathroom mirror, giving one to your prayer partner, and keeping one in your purse or prayer journal.

This way, when the enemy strikes in an unexpected moment, you are ready for him!

I hope that this tutorial has been helpful for you.

If you still have questions, please feel free to comment or contact me with your question, as I can add a FAQ section to this post.

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