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Are you looking for a simple quiet time journal or tracker?

It’s really easy to let our Bible study become just another thing on our checklist each day.

Sometimes all we need to breathe fresh air into our daily Bible study is a new resource.

This free Bible study journal and tracker is a perfect tool to help create a meaningful quiet time for the busy mom and side-hustle woman. #alittlerandr #biblestudy #journal #tracker #bible #busymom #sidehustle

You don’t need anything complicated, just a simple tool to help remind you why quiet time with Jesus is important each day.

Free Bible Study Journal + Tracker

This free Bible study journal and tracker is easy to use and perfect for the busy mom or side-hustle woman who longs for a meaningful quiet time, but doesn’t have tons of spare time to sit and journal.

Is that you?

It’s me too!

That’s why I love this simple journal and tracker.

How to Use the Bible Study Journal + Tracker

1. Read your passage for the day.

You can use this Bible Study Journal and Tracker with your personal Bible study, or if you’re joining along with us in Good Morning Girls. Just do your usual daily reading.

2. Pick one verse

Pick one verse to write out and write it in the shaded “Today’s Scripture” box.

3. What are today’s needs?

In the shaded “I’m Praying For” box, write out any needs for today, whether your personal needs or the needs of family and friends.

4. List 5 Gratefuls

On the lines, write 5 things you are grateful for today. Hint: Try not to repeat anything from before. Dig deep and find 5 new things each day.

Believe me, this will change your life!

5. Application

If you follow along with Good Morning Girls, you’re familiar with this part. Find one thing from your Scripture reading today that you can apply to your life right now.

And write it out.

6. Reflection

What is God saying to you from His Word or prayer today. Or, what is God doing in your life right now?

Taking time to quietly reflect on God’s Word and the work He is doing in our hearts is crucial to spiritual growth.

Take time to write out your reflection in the shaded “Reflection” box.

7. Monthly Tracker

Be sure to track what you’re reading and/or studying each day on your monthly tracker sheet.

You can grab this Bible Study Journal + Tracker right now by just typing your email in below!

And be sure to visit my posts on how to read and study the Bible, for more inspiration on how to have an exciting quiet time each day!

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