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Are you having trouble maintaining a consistent quiet time?

Are you discouraged because you don’t know where to start? Maybe you want to study your Bible more, but don’t know how to get started.

One of the things I’ve found is that a lot of women struggle with taking their quiet times deeper.

It is very easy to pull out our Bible, read a Psalm or even a chapter out of another book, close it and walk away thinking we’ve had our quiet time.

My Quiet Time Journal

But just like me, a lot of my readers don’t feel that reading is enough.

And truly it isn’t; especially for believers who have walked with Jesus for a longer period of time. At some point, you need to begin studying God’s Word: ask probing questions, examine Greek and Hebrew words, and more.

The trouble is, our schedules don’t always allow for unlimited time in Bible study.

I’ve also discovered that a lot of quiet time resources are very complicated…and when something is complicated, I don’t usually stick with it.

That is why I created My Quiet Time Journal.

Borrowing from my own method of Bible study, I created this simple journal for you to use. It only has 9 pages and they are all in black-and-white, so you save on ink.

Plus, you can choose to download just the pages you plan to use.

My Quiet Time Journal includes:

  • Study pages with sections to answer: Who, When, Where, Why
  • Study pages to fill in key verses, life application, and what God is showing you from the pages
  • Pages to note related verses and words in Greek and Hebrew
  • Journaling pages – both lined and blank for art journaling
  • Prayer journaling pages that lead you through the Lord’s Prayer
  • Pages to write out your prayers
  • Pages to track answered prayers

Here is what others are saying:

Judith Kowles – His Unmeasured Grace

I have followed Rosilind Jukic for the six years of my blogging journey and I have seen her grow along with her blog. She cares deeply for each individual who frequents her blog and has the desire to encourage and equip her readers.

The latest on her blog is, “My Quiet Time Journal” and I am sure you will love it as much as I do. This awesome journal can be added to your 3-ring Bible journaling notebook where you can put all your journaling pages in one place.

Colored pages are pretty until you buy more ink! Rosilind thought of that and designed each page in black-and-white. Several pages of the journal capture your attention with artistic banners and shapes that you will write the answers to simple questions. You will also write the impression God left on your heart from the verses you read that day. There is also a whole page for your personal journaling notes about the passage. Who doesn’t need more space?! Then there is a whole page for those of us who want to worship and meditate on God through art.

Rosilind’s journal includes the S.O.A.K. method (Scripture, Observation, Application, Kneel in prayer) which makes this a comprehensive way of approaching your Quiet Time. I prefer a journal that allows me to study the Bible and journal what the Lord is laying on my heart without having to fill out questions that are irrelevant to my style of studying.

I love the framework that “My Quiet Time Journal” provides without trying to fit my experience and interaction with the Lord into the wrong shaped box. I know you will love this journaling tool as you use it month after month.

Brooke Poston – The Fervent Mama

Rosilind’s Quiet Time Journal is transforming the way I meet with God. I’m not just reading my Bible, but by using the study prompt I’m able to continually feast on it. My prayer time has been impacted in the most beautiful way!

Jen Stults – Being Confident of This

Rosilind Jukic’s beautifully designed quiet time journal encourages us to spend time in God’s presence through Bible study, prayer, and personal reflection. I appreciate that the pages are not only visually appealing, but they also contain thought-provoking questions that direct us to examine context, employ the S.O.A.K. method, and consider a personal application. The journal also give us a place to record prayer requests, as well as answers to prayer. Jukic’s journal touches on each aspect of what an effective daily quiet time should involve, and is useful for both quiet time veterans as well as those who are just getting started!

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This 9-page Quiet Time Journal is flexible to use with a daily, weekly, or monthly Bible reading plan! Get your copy today for free. #alittlerandr #BibleReading #Biblejournal #Bible #Freebie #Printables

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This 9-page Quiet Time Journal is flexible to use with a daily, weekly, or monthly Bible reading plan! Get your copy today for free. #alittlerandr #BibleReading #Biblejournal #Bible #Freebie #Printables
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    1. I am so sorry you find the ads distracting. I am working on reducing the number of ads that appear on my page. Its a little trial and error right now since I migrated to a new company. Please bear with me while I work out the kinks.

  2. May the Lord God bless you. Thank you for sharing Jesus with the world. Landed on this website and it caught my attention. I bless the Lord for you. May he continue using you as his vessel.

  3. Hello Rosilind, I was so happy to find your page last week through Pinterest.God Bless you and your works. I would love to follow some of your ideas. I recently returned to my faith and the church. I am trying to create a prayer journal and a separate space in my apartment for solitude and prayer. I entered my email address last week for access to your printable material and receive email updates. It has been 10 days now and I haven’t received anything. Can you help me? Alane

    1. Hi Alane – I am so glad that you found me! My guess is that what happened is that when you initially put your email in, the verification email you were sent landed in your spam folder and you didn’t see it. Please try again. Add my email: [email protected] to your address list, and if you don’t receive the verification email please let me know.

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