Dear Church, The Trans Agenda is not Political

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man holding an LGBTQIA rainbow flag

A serious shift in thinking occurs when the church stops looking at certain issues as political and begins looking at them as spiritual.

What we’re seeing right now in the church, and in what has been widely considered politically conservative, is disturbing.

The root of the issue is that we’ve stopped looking at spiritual issues as spiritual and begun considering them political.

This moves the goalposts…. considerably.

For example:LGTBQ

For decades, the church has taken a strong stand on the issue of homosexuality and all forms of sexual immorality and deviance.

It is one reason why many evangelical Christians are likely to consider a conservative politician because their political persuasion agrees with their moral beliefs.

However, as trans issues have taken center stage worldwide, the message has shifted.

Many no longer refer to LGTBQ, rather they shorten it to LGB and refer to the LGB community in positive terms.

Ted Cruz recently defended the gay community against Uganda’s anti-gay law, calling the law an “abomination”.

What a strange use of verbiage, when the Bible calls homosexuality an abomination (Exodus 18:22. 20:13).

These are very willing to speak out against the trans community while simultaneously championing the gay community for also speaking out against the trans community.

So, the enemy of my enemy is now my ally?

Dear Church, The Trans Agenda is not Political

When we make spiritual and moral issues political, we move the goalposts.

This shift has been subtle – a clear sign that it is spiritual in nature. The enemy of our souls is playing the long game.

Over the past decade, he has picked off Christian after Christian who has either come out as gay or who has chosen to side with the LGBTQ community.

He has hijacked the term “evangelical” and has shifted it sharply left.

Now, he is rendering the gay community benign in our eyes, moral even, as they speak out against the trans community for the way they are harming children.

The enemy of our enemy is being invited into our circle of allies.

And this is made possible by shifting our attitude toward sexual sin and deviancy from it being a spiritual issue to it being a political issue.

Now that the gay community is on the right side of our politics, they are okay.

They are acceptable.

They are our ally.

The problem is, God’s Word does not change. “Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.” Psalm 119:89

God’s Word still calls homosexuality an abomination (Exodus 18:22. 20:13).

It is still possible to take a strong stand against the trans agenda and hold to a biblical standard against homosexuality.

Dear church, it is not either-or.

Just because the gay community is seemingly on the right side of politics does not mean they have become our ally.

They are still actively and openly living lives that are abominable to God – and if we are truly Christ’s disciples we must have the heart of God about this issue!

Furthermore, can we not see that this is all part of the enemy’s agenda of deception?

Can we not see that the enemy has purposefully overplayed his hand to move one part of the community to speak a moral message in order to deceive us into accepting them as an ally?

We cannot afford to view LGBTQIA+ as a political issue!

It is not at all political, it is moral. It is spiritual. It is demonic. And we run the danger of playing right into the enemy’s plan.

Do not buy into what the media is trying to say:

Woke companies are not siding with leftist trans agendas, they are siding with a demonic agenda to first confuse our children, then permanently mutilate and sterilize them.

We can speak that truth loud and strong and still speak this truth:

Homosexuality is a sin. It is a perversion of God’s sacred covenant. It is demonic and a sin against the spirit that opens the door for further and more base levels of perversion.

Not only can we speak this truth, we must!

Dear Church, if we will not stand for biblical morality, who will?

The church began to soften its stand on fornication and teen pregnancy, and Christian families everywhere began to teach their children safe sex.

Fornication in the church among teens, young adults, and even middle-aged singles is as normal as it is outside of the church.

The church began to soften its message on divorce, and not no-fault divorce is as common in the church as outside of the church.

Christian celebrities even dared to say, “I kinda had come to the conclusion that God loved me more than he loved the idea of marriage…I don’t think that God was so desperate that we stay together that he was like, ‘Well, good. All these broken pieces of you will just have to stay that.’ No, I think it was, yeah, I’m more important to him than this concept.” Source

The church began to soften its message on homosexuality, and now denominational leaders are raising the question as to whether or not they should change their bylaws.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we must do as God urged the land of Judah to do in Jeremiah 6:16

Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls.

The old paths of biblical morality.

The old paths of abstinence until marriage.

The old paths of keeping your marriage vows.

The old paths of purity and modesty.

The old paths that God created a man to be a male and a woman to be a female.

The old paths that God created marriage to be between a man and a woman.

The old paths that it is an abomination to distort God’s design of human sexuality and sexual intimacy.

The old paths of absolute truth and the infallibility of God’s Word!

Remembering that these old paths are narrow and few find them, but they lead to everlasting life!

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