DIY Baby Wipes

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I absolutely LOVE this idea!!  I saw this post on Pinterest a couple days ago.  After I saw it, I had trouble sleeping.  I wanted to go to Wal-mart right then to get the ingredients to make these!  I then mentally put it in my plan for the next day so I could get some sleep!

Here is how you do it…

2 Containers
Bounty paper towels
Distilled water
Coconut oil
Baby wash
Vitamin E (optional)
Essential oil (optional for additional fragrance)

1.  Cut Bounty paper towels in half with a large knife.  One paper towel roll will make two baby wipe containers.

2.  Take a large bowl.  Put 4 cups of distilled water in the bowl.  

3.  Add 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil.  (You may have to pop it in the microwave to melt the coconut oil down.)

4.  Squirt 2 squirts of baby wash in the mixture of water and coconut oil.  It can be any baby wash…but, if you want to keep it organic and natural, use organic.

5.  Optional:  Cut end of Vitamin E gel capsule and squeeze into water, coconut oil, baby wash mixture.  I used two … but you can use more or less.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin.

6.  Optional:  If you want more of a fragrance to the wipes, you can add an essential oil.

7.  Mix together gently.

8.  Pour equal amounts of the mixture between the containers.

9.  Place paper towels in the containers.  Place lid on top.  Turn upside down to let the mixture soak through for 5 minutes.


10.  Take lids off and carefully take out the middle core of the paper towel roll.  

And Wah-La…

You can use these for face wipes (to clean the face or wash away  make-up) and baby wipes.  It is so soft and feels AMAZING on the skin!  A Pinterest success!!!


Containers – $1.00 for 2 (Dollar Store)
Bounty Paper Towels – $1.00 per roll (Wal-mart)
Distilled Water – $ .88 per gallon (Wal-mart)
Coconut Oil – $7.00 a jar (Health & Herbal Store)
Baby Wash – $1.00 – $5.00 (Dollar Store or Wal-mart)
Vitamin Oil – $7.00 per 100 gel capsules (Wal-mart)
Essential Oil – $5.00 (Health & Herbal Store)

***Once you get all the ingredients (which will last a while), it costs about 50 cents to make a tub of wipes.***

When my cousin Delana approached me about this idea, I knew I had to share it with you because it fits in so nicely with what I blog about.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this guest post by her and I hope you give these a try!  Delana is a mother of 5 living in Great Falls, MT where she enjoys healthy eating and living, DIY projects and Pinterest.


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