Do You Have an Insanely Impossible Dream?

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Everyone needs to have an insanely impossible dream. A dream that is so crazy that it just might happen!

It was one of my more brilliant schemes as a kid.

We had this huge RV-covered patio attached to our mobile home. It was perfect for roller skating, and in a neighborhood of young families with kids it was the popular place to be during the summer.

Realizing it’s potential, at a tender age of 11-ish, I decided to market our hot spot and began charging my friends to come skate at our house. Soon I added a concessions stand and charged for drinks and candy as well.

I don’t think I made a whole lot of money, but the lesson stuck with me…and the rush I got from making money as an entrepreneur stuck with me as well.

I may not have always been the most ambitious person, but I’ve always had a dream to be my own boss.

Not because I didn’t like working for people or wasn’t a team player; not because I don’t like having bosses. Quite the contrary. I have never been fired from a job in my life and every boss I’ve ever had has only had great things to say about me as an employee and my work ethic.

However, ever job left me feeling somehow unfulfilled.

I never had a career that I could point to as my “dream job”. I’ve had a lot of fun jobs, but never a dream job….until now!

It’s funny how I stumbled upon my dream job.

I started A Little R & R (with no less than 5 previous titles, I might add) as a place to upload pictures and share with my folks about my son’s progress as an infant. I never intended to become a writer in this sense.

However, looking back, I realize that I had been blogging for several years before I knew what blogging was. I wrote articles on Internet forums, Bebo, and My Space (yea, I’ve always been a social media junkie!).

It only took 2 months for me to realize the potential blogging held and I began pumping out posts multiple times a day.

Undaunted by the fact that I had virtually no traffic, I kept at it; polishing my writing style and struggling to find my voice. Only months after I began blogging, I discovered I could actually make money with blogging and thus a little dream was planted in my heart.

It took several unsuccessful ventures for me to begin making money with my blog, but soon the pennies started rolling in.

I’ll be honest, my husband was skeptical at first when I shared with him my dream to make A Little R & R a home business. But somehow this insanely impossible dream to work from home wouldn’t go away.

I’ll never forget my first paycheck from Google…then my first client. Then little bits of cash rolled in from affiliate advertising and book sales.

Suddenly, my husband began to look at my blogging in a whole new way: no longer as hobby, but as a legitimate source of household income.

And my dream  grew…

Suddenly I became insanely ambitious!

Do you want to know my insanely impossible dream?

To make enough money with A Little R & R’s products and services to be able to free my husband to either choose to either take on a part-time job that doesn’t require to work shifts or stay home full-time and start his own home business.


It sounds insane. Totally ridiculous.

But I believe it’s possible.

And here’s the thing: he’s starting to believe it is, too.

I believe God created us to dream insane dreams because He gets a big kick out of making them come true. Why else would the Bible be filled with stories like Joseph who was a dreamer and dreamed insane dreams…that came true. Oh! And even stuff that he didn’t even dare to dream about came true, too — like becoming 2nd in command to the highest ruler in the one of the most dominating countries on earth at that time.

Think about it!

David kills Goliath with a stone. Insane. He was the only one who dared to think he could do it.

Moses single handedly defeats the most powerful nation on earth as he leads a nation of over 4 million people out of Egypt, across the Red Sea on foot (how insane is that?), and through a desert where they didn’t starve, die of thirst and their clothes and sandals didn’t wear out.

That’s crazy!

But you know why God plants these insane dreams in our hearts? So that when they actually come true, He gets all the glory.

I haven’t achieved my insanely impossible dream yet, but I’m well on my way. And you know what? While I know I’ve worked hard….sometimes too hard….the opportunities that have come my way haven’t been ones I’ve chased down. I didn’t contact one of my clients. Not one. They contacted me…without me advertising!

I have contributed and guest posted for some big blogs…and I didn’t contact them. They contacted me.

The amazing opportunities I’ve had over the past two years of serious blogging have come my way out of the blue…and no one has been more surprised than me.

And I give God 100% of the glory, because He gave me this dream and He’s making it happen.

This month, I’d like to talk about how we can position ourselves so that God can make our insanely impossible dreams come true for us: What holds us back. What distracts us. What keeps us from dreaming at all.

Let’s purpose in 2016 to begin living our lives with purpose and intention!

I hope you’ll join me for this new series: Insanely Impossible Dreams. What is your insanely impossible dream?

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  1. Rosilind, thank you so much for this post! What an encouragement it is for me! I too have an insanely impossible dream, and it is somehow similar to yours: I hope to be able to earn enough money from home throug translating, to be able to stay at home with our sweet daughter. I have two more years of time to make it happend. Currently I cannot see how this can happend. But I feel this is Gods dream for me and my family. So I try to faithfully follow His lead and take the small steps He is showing me. And exercise my faith and trust in Him!
    Cant wait for your next posts, as a little encouragement and inspiration is always appreciated here. 🙂

    1. Ivana – I looove you dream! I absolutely love working from home. Every year it gets better. I have some amazing things planned this year, and I really pray the Lord will be glorified as I continue to move forward.

    2. Dear Rosilind, I really enjoyed this post. I have always been a big dreamer since childhood, and now that I’m 50 and changing my career path it’s really scary. As a single mom of four, my greatest fear is that my children will never see me succeed. I’m not sure what God has in my path, but I pray that my dreams and desires please him and happen for me someday. Your beautiful & your blog is a blessing.

      1. Christina – what you shared is so raw and authentic. Honestly, while I think we all reach for success, and there are things we can do to make our dreams happen, sometimes true success can’t be measured by achievement. There are many successful people who will never be known for anything they’ve done….but the lives they’ve touched – and will continue to touch even after they’ve gone – is a legacy that no achievement or amount of money can compare with. I hope that encourages you.

  2. Thanks Rosilind, I think this year is the year to dig in and blog properly, which also requires me to switch over from blogger to a more professional site. I’m thinking of doing Arabah Joys blogging course, which she put together after doing Ruth Soukup’s course.

    1. Those are really great courses! I made that switch early last year and haven’t regretted it. It was much easier than I thought, and I’m very happy on WP.

  3. I really want to kick my blog into gear, too. Today I blogged about what feels like an insanely impossible dream (our BHAG) of paying off debt. If I can get some income from my blog, then I could throw that towards the debt and move on to some real dreams. 🙂

  4. Incredible post, Rosilind! (Love your name by the way.) I think this is my first time visiting with you, but I’m subscribing and I’ll definitely be back! Thank you so much for sharing! GOD bless you, beautiful friend!

  5. Rosilind!
    I’m all over dreaming big!!! Can’t WAIT to join you in the series this month!!!
    Thanks for sharing at Coffee & Conversation – and yeah, we featured you again. Hope you’re not getting tired of appearing over there – LOL!

  6. What an awesome dream! I have a similar passion. I love writing and building into the lives of others. I also have the goal of being more available for my children. It’s neat to hear that your dream is starting to fall into place. I have a long way to go still, but am slowly starting to gain momentum. I love watching the positive impact that writing and blogging has, and the interactive communities that form. Thanks for sharing your own dream and journey toward achieving it–it brings me hope that mine is possible too!

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