How Can I Have More Faith in God? Episode #27

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Remember those times when Jesus cried out, “Oh ye of little faith!”?

Have you ever thought that He’d probably say that about you? I know I have. I know there have been times when God sat on His throne in heaven doing a giant face-palm while crying out in utter exasperation, “Rosilind! Oh ye of little faith!”

Many times in my life I have wondered how to grow my faith; but the idea of “growing faith” was so abstract to me that I couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around how that happens.

Faith didn’t have actual substance to me.

How Can I Have More Faith in God?

I know how to grow plants (though my plants might disagree with that statement!), but grow faith?

You can’t see it, you can’t touch it…how do you grow it?

Well, one day I grabbed my Bible study tools and by looking at the Greek meanings of certain words used in verses on faith was able to put skin and bones on the concept of faith.

Suddenly, faith was no longer abstract.

My entire approach to faith was revolutionized!

And I unpack that for you in today’s podcast, while answering the reader question, “How can I have more faith.”.

I was obviously so excited while recording this episode, because it deals with a topic that I love to talk about! I hope that it encourages you today.

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