I’m All For Saying Merry Christmas but…

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Every year about this time my Facebook timeline is filled with graphics about saying Merry Christmas, stories about people who said it and lost their jobs, or how the Government doesn’t have the right to prevent us from doing so.

People are suddenly suspicious when someone opts for “Happy Holidays” (even though this term has been used for decades and no one ever blinked an eye until now).

I understand people’s fury over being ostracized for choosing to use a greeting that includes Christ’s name.

I really do.

Yet, I find it curious that Americans everywhere are furious – and even go so far as to say they are being persecuted – because they are told to reject this greeting when there are other areas of God’s law that are all but completely ignored.

Just to point out a few:

* Many Christians have no issue with using God’s name in vain.  Some think they get away with OM__, using Jesus Christ’s or the Lord’s names. But God’s Word says if you use His holy name in vain you will not go unpunished. 

* Many Christians actually think it is okay to swear occasionally for emphasis.  Or at the very least excuse themselves when they occasionally speak in “French”. And yet God’s Word commands us to put away “all…filthy speech”.

* Many Christians spend oodles of time watching movies or TV shows that mock God, abuse His name, show nakedness, speak filthy language, depict explicit violence, portray witchcraft, and promote alternative lifestyles — all of which are sin, some of which are abominations unto God, and all of which nailed His precious Son to the cross. 

“Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries and the like; of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told you times past, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God”

* Many Christians practice the things Paul listed above, with only the slightest of uneasiness.

* Many have accepted humanistic and New Age doctrines and entertain themselves with books and music that not only do not glorify God, but are also filled with those things that anger Him. (See Psalms 1)

* Many Christians fail to do those things we are commanded to do: such as assemble with the brethren or give of our tithes and offerings.

* Many  Christians have no control over their tongues, which spread gossip, lies, and slander – which over and over in God’s Word have been called abominations…in other words, things that God really hates.

* Many Christians do not so much as open their Bibles or pray during the week.

And yet they are willing to take a stand and make a sacrifice to say “Merry Christmas”.

We want to be free to say Christ’s name, and yet we fail to show Him love and honor through our daily lives. 

Jesus called this straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel.  And as He said in the verse before that, these ought we to have done, without leaving the other undone!

God said to Saul, “To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams.”

So while I am all for saying Merry Christmas, I am much more concerned with these other matters – because  when I stand before God’s throne, He will not be as concerned with whether I said Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays as much as He will be concerned with whether I kept His law



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  1. The reason I say Happy Holidays is because I don’t want to assume that another person is Christian. It is out of respect for other religions that I say it. You are so right, actions and intent is what really matters.

  2. You are so right. We are often more concerned about “safeguarding” our own “rights’ than honoring God. And that can make us… well, obnoxious! (Was that too strong? It just popped out!) Anyhow, you and I seem to be on the same page today. Your Keith Green title quotes a key verse in my last post.
    Sylvia R @sylvrpen.com

  3. I agree. Thought much of this in the past and present. Have seen some of the most horrific words on FB, one much worse than OM_, and most people didn’t even know what it meant. I’m not perfect, by any means, but AM concerned with how easily we move into the cultural changes and don’t recognize where we could be headed. Many would just say it’s b/c I ain’t a young ‘un. BUT as bad as it was when I was young in a terrible house and grew up as one of the worst late-teens anyone knew [considered the Dirty Joke Queen at my office], it is worse today overall. What I did then was just about as deep as anyone could be in a common lifestyle… and, yet, I see it constantly surrounding us. And the present is filled with far worse constant language and behaviors… even from Christian families and churches. [My kids and g-kids, knowing the truth, still are drawn into that other cultural mess.

    Heavy sigh. Much needs to change quickly. Can only count on the Lord to break through. I always say that if He could do it to me [46 years ago] He can do it to anyone. That’s what I count on.

  4. I think in all things we must take a moment to look deeper. It’s easy to make swift judgement calls only to realize later that we misunderstood the person’s intention. It’s hard to remember that only God can see the heart!

  5. So well said, Joanne! Just when you think it can’t get any worse….it does. But, what a lovely testimony! I enjoyed reading about the powerful change Jesus did in your life! You have much to be thankful for – and to share with others. May He continue to use you to share the Good News!

  6. This was and excellent post. We are to be holy in all that we do and in our conversation, our thoughts, and in all our interactions with others. All that you said is so true and I hope that it encourages those who read this post to live closer to the Lord Jesus on a higher plane. Thanks for linking up at WholeHearted Home this week.

  7. Hi Rosilind,

    Thank you for your visit so i could find you …all the way in Croatia. Don’t know much about Croatia, but isn’t it amazing that even if I’m in the Philippines, and you’re in Croatia, we can get to know each other?!!

    I prefer to say A Blessed Christmas but you are right of course, it’s not the words that we say, but really how we live our life every day! Patsy

  8. Thank you, Judith! And thank you for hosting. Yes, we are called to be holy! I am so glad you said that. Many people do not take that seriously anymore. It’s a topic I plan blog about very soon – because it is so heavy on my heart!

  9. Thank you for visiting me back! 🙂 Croatia is part of the former Yugoslavia and is bordered by Italy, Bosnia, Serbia, and Hungary. It’s a lovely place to live! I didn’t know you were in the Philippines! I have a dear missionary friend living there and my childhood best friend has been on my short-term mission trips there as well! Small world! Yes – Blessed Christmas is such a lovely way of putting it. I pray that your Christmas is very blessed. Thank you so much for stopping by and browsing around!

  10. I think I am curious enough about Croatia to read about it a bit. I thought it was a little “war-torn” country! So I am glad that it is a lovely place to live. Too many places in this world where there is so much heartbreak! And where does your missionary friend live? Here in manila or somewhere in the provinces?
    :^) patsy

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