40 Day Easter Prayer Challenge Journal

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Pray through the final days of Jesus’ life with this 40 Day Prayer Challenge for Easter.

This prayer challenge takes you through the final days of Jesus’ life while parallel reading each event in the 4 gospels; plus adding in prophetic readings from the Old Testament.

This comes with a free 40-day reading plan and quiet time journal!

Pray through the final days of Jesus' life on earth with this 40 Day Easter Prayer Challenge and free Easter Reading Plan and journal. #alittlerandr #easter #bible #readingplan #quiettime #warroom

This 40-page printable pack is colorfully and whimsically decorated with gorgeous, spring clip art and can be used alone or with the free Easter Reading Plan, 40 Day Scripture Challenge for Easter, as well as other Scripture challenges listed below.

The Word of God has great power; but somehow I think that if we would choose to pair prayer up with scripture and actually pray scripture in situations and circumstances of our lives that it would be like a shot of nitro to our prayers!

As I have prepared for these prayer challenges I have found exciting scriptures to target specific areas of our Christian walk.

In this 40 Day Easter Prayer Challenge you will be guided through Jesus’ final days on earth, His death, His resurrection, and His ascension into heaven.

To use this workbook, you will read the given verse or passage from the day and write out an observation about that verse or passage.

Then you will write out a prayer to the Lord, using the verse or passage for that day as a guide.

Using God’s Word as a guide for our prayers is such a powerful tool.

It is also a powerful weapon, combining the sword of the Spirit and the weapon of prayer into one atomic weapon against the enemy who seeks to destroy us.

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Also, be sure to grab this FREE 40 Day Easter Reading plan. Click here for more details!

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