Why I’m More Concerned With Biblical Literacy Than Any Other Kind

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Have you ever seen those videos of people who can’t tell you who the Vice President or Secretary of State is?

They can’t name the three branches of Government or tell you exactly where Switzerland is on the globe?

And then all of social media is horrified about state of our educational system, as people wonder how on earth people don’t know these things!

We push our kids to get good grades so they can get scholarships to a well-respected University. 

We worry about how well they master trigonometry and a foreign language, and later we brag about their college major and the career opportunities available to them.

But in all of our push to educate our children, we’ve left out something incredibly important – and we’re already reaping the consequences of our neglect.

Only 9% of Christian milennials read the Bible everyday, contributing to an already severe lack of biblical literacy; which is more concerning than any other kind. #alittelrandr #Bible #BibleStudy #Quiettime #Milennials #literacy

9% of millennial Christians read the Bible everydaysource here

Yes. You read that right.

Not even 10%…..it is in the single digits now.

The level of biblical illiteracy is so rampant and in such dire straits that many of the small percentage of young people who do remain in the church fall under spell of false teachers who teach

  • Out of balance teaching on the gifts of the Spirit (faith, healing, etc)
  • Legalism
  • Political correctness
  • Necromancy
  • Liturgy as a way to experience God
  • Social justice
  • Prophecy that more resembles fortune telling
  • Inclusion and ecumenism
  • Self-help disguised as sermons
  • Seeker sensitivity over the blood of Jesus
  • Christian celebrity-ism
  • Greasy grace and easy-believism
  • Entertainment over repentance

And they don’t even know that they’re being fed spiritual poison, because they don’t know their Bible.

They are biblically illiterate.

Why I’m More Concerned With Biblical Literacy Than Any Other Kind

Even worse, many Gen Xers are just as biblically illiterate….this includes many pastors and Bible teachers today. 

But this biblical illiteracy is not for a lack of the Word of God.

We have the Bible available to us for free in every kind of translation you could want – even foreign translations.

We have Biblical commentaries (written, audio, and video) available for free online.

We have free Bible study resources, prayer journals, online Bible study groups….all online and free no matter where we are.

And yet, in the midst of a flood of free biblical commentary and study resources like never before in history, we are so incredibly illiterate when it comes to God’s Word that it can only be concluded that it is due to a serious lack of premium placed on knowing and understanding God’s Word.

And this is tragic.

While we place an extreme premium on education: reading, writing, math, science, history, and government – things of this world that will perish when Jesus comes to take us home…

We seem to place little importance on training our children to know God’s Word.

Not just about God’s Word.

But to know God’s Word in our heart so intimately that when we hear a teaching that is slightly twisted, we can instantly spot it as a false gospel.

When a pastor is prone to tickle our ears instead of challenging us to holiness, we know we’re not in the right house.

When a teacher explains to us the importance of seeking after someone’s “mantle” or anointing, we know to flee because we realize the danger of seeking after man and not God.

When a preacher does more stretching of scripture than you do in an aerobics class to explain why homosexuals should be accepted into church membership and leadership, we know what the Word of God really says!

But these are all things that Gen Xers and Millennials are falling for today – because they don’t know the Word of God!

Furthermore, false teachers today are teaching that Jesus was above the Word of God – and therefore we need to seek Jesus more than we study the Bible.

John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (emphasis mine)

Dear sisters, what I’m about to say may see extreme to you, but that is because we’ve not be trained to view life through an eternal perspective.

I would rather my children be ignorant in these things of the world than in the Bible.

I am not saying that it isn’t important that our children learn math or science….geography or foreign languages. I’m not saying that at all.

I do think that it is important that our children have a solid education.

But it is far more important that our children are educated in the Word of God!

When Jesus comes again, He will not ask us to point out Switzerland on the map, but He will look to see if our name is in the Book of Life.

He will test what we’ve done for His Kingdom.

Math, science, geography, foreign languages….University can careers are temporal and will pass away, but God’s Word is eternal!

And whether or not we’ve hid God’s Word in our heart so that we have the strength and wisdom to not sin against Him is of eternal importance.

Whether or not we’ve built in our kids a habit and understanding of the importance of having a living and experiential relationship with God is of far more value than saving for their education. 

This is why I’m far more concerned with biblical literacy than any other kind.

It matters for eternity!

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