10 Bible Verses for Thanksgiving – Bookmark – Free Printable!

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Pumpkin layout with picture of Bible verse bookmarks

Have you ever thought about thanksgiving as a command?

I hadn’t until very recently, as I began reading Bible verses about giving thanks. Suddenly, it occurred to me that this is a command of Scripture.

A command that comes with a rich reward!

We’re specifically commanded to give thanks in all things. But what I think is important to remember is that we don’t give thanks for all things.

There are things we should not give thanks for – especially when evil prevails for a season.

In those times, it is crucial that we turn to those things that we can be thankful for: God’s faithfulness, His justice, His love, His grace, His sacrifice on the cross.

There are so many things God has done, and is doing now, that we can give thanks for…

And when we make the decision to take our eyes off of our present circumstances and focus on God and who He is, what He’s done, and what He continues to do, our perspective shifts.

10 Bible Verses for Thanksgiving – Bookmark – Free Printable!

Below you can grab these two simple bookmarks with Scripture verses to encourage us to maintain a thankful and grateful heart.

These bookmarks are free. Simply print them, laminate them, and then stick them in your Bible for easy reference.

Also, feel free to tell a friend, so they can get them, too.

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Resources for Thanksgiving

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10 Bible Verses for Thanksgiving – Free Printable
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layout of Bible verses for Thanksgiving
Pumpkin layout with picture of Bible verse bookmarks
This year I want to dig way down deep and find 5 prayers of thankfulness for things I've not had the courage to thank God for yet. Will you join me?
Coming Nov 11
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