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If there is one thing I’ve learned about blogging, it is this:

Be prepared to change.

Seriously, though – I have learned to be willing to change things up, learn new things, try something out….and see if it works or fails, even invest my time in something that I wish in the end I hadn’t….

And the time has come to do that, yet again.

I walked away from Facebook for a year — and then came back.

But when I came back, I didn’t really do much with my page and groups – because I’d walked away from both of those long before I walked away completely.

My Facebook page was nearly crickets — and my Facebook group was all the way crickets.

I didn’t see the point in investing in something that wasn’t going to bring any kind of return…..or be seen by anyone.

But, that has suddenly changed.

I posted something to my Facebook page a few weeks ago that went viral, and ever since then, I’ve realized that my Facebook page is getting attention.

Suddenly, I began to see a new outlet for posting.

Plus, there is a way to do video: live video, uploads, and reels, and monetize them – which is a wonderful way for me to start video sharing for me.

However – the one thing that was keeping me from jumping all the way in is the fact that while my Facebook seemed to be niche to women who want to study the Bible, I have a lot of other content I love to share about.

Like Keto and homeschool.

That’s when I got the idea to create new pages and new groups…..or redo the groups I already have.

I’d like to encourage you to join my pages and groups below and start engaging with us there!!

Bible Study Places

A Little Time With Jesus Facebook Page

Mighty Women of God Facebook GROUP

365 Day Bible Verses Facebook Page

365 Day Bible Verses Instagram

365 Day Bible Verses Twitter

Homeschool Places

Homeschool Beyond Borders Facebook Page

Homeschool Beyond Borders Facebook GROUP

Homeschooling in Croatia Instagram

Keto Places

Keto Healthstyle Facebook Page

Keto Healthystyle Facebook GROUP


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