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The Keepers at Home Series:

3. A Woman of Discretion

It has been a challenging summer for me as a wife and mom.  In June, the Lord took me to Titus 2 and began speaking to my heart about what my role as a home-keeper means to my family. 

As I dove into the short, 2-verse passage, it became increasingly clear to me that I have a lot of growth to do.  It is so easy to talk about what the Bible says about submission and respecting our husbands as the head of the home, but putting it into regular practice requires great discipline of heart, mind and tongue.  Three areas that often work against us as we strive to be the wives and mothers we are called to be.

It seems that Titus 2 women today fight this battle on many fronts: to start we struggle to reject feminist philosphies and the overwhelming media distraction that vies for our continual attention and often prevents us from giving to our homes and families as we should. And if that isn’t enough to make you crazy, we are bombarded with magazines, blogs, websites, and forums that all seek to define what a good mom is – and we feel like we will never measure up to the image of today’s supermom.

But why is this so important anyway?  Why the emphasis on modesty and discretion?  Why burden us further with the continual talk of homemaking?  Doesn’t it almost seem cruel to heap more pressure on wives and moms, when there is already so much pressure?

The final statement in this passage from Titus 2 answers the question as to why this is so important.  

And that’s what is so great about God.  He doesn’t give a command without giving the “why” behind the command.  

Titus says: “That the Word of God not be blasphemed”.  

What on earth does that mean?
It means: the world is watching us; it is watching our families and our children. 

Are our families functional? 

Do we respect our husbands or air their dirty laundry? 

Do we train our children to be polite or allow them to talk back to their elders? 

Are our homes functioning as they should or are they in continual chaos? 

In a world of reality TV that thrives on negative drama, dysfunction, and lack of discretion of massive proportion, I believe the world wants to see that there are families that make “family” work.  I believe that is why the Duggars have remained so popular.  

But this isn’t the extent of it.  

The world knows that we are called to be different.  It expects  us to function.   And when we fail in this area, we negate the validity of God’s Word in their eyes. It is then that they feel the freedom to mock Jesus Christ, the Bible, Christianity and Christians as a whole. 

And we see this today. Don’t we?

How many sitcoms and movies take cheap shots at Christians, mock the Bible, make fun of Jesus Christ, and show no fear at all in doing so?

They blaspheme the Word of God. 

No, it isn’t all women’s fault. That would be unfair.  The Christian community as whole shares the blame.  But we play an important role, as the one who keeps the home functioning as it should and as the one who spends the majority of the time training and guiding the children – we do bear a tremendous amount of responsibility in this area.

My prayer is, as I wrap up this challenging series, is that Christian moms everywhere are challenged to raise the standard.  Not only in the aspect of how we perform, but primarily in the aspect of how we live, what we believe deep in our hearts, in the area of our convictions and the principles that determine how we live our lives day after day.

That those around us will see the truth of God’s Word lived out in our lives with honor and reverence!

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  1. Hi Rosilind! I am your neighbor at Teaching What is Good. (and I often like to your bloghop too!)

    You are certainly teaching what is good today. What a bold topic choice for your series! But our lives require that boldness to be good and sure followers of Christ. As you said, does reflect to our neighborhoods and friends, and we want to be reflecting God always.

    Great post! Nice to see you again too.

  2. The world certainly doesn’t make this easy. With all of the pressures and distractions, it can be easy to slip into the trap of not only living in the world, but allowing it to dictate who we are (and should) be. Good reminder.

  3. AMEN! It is a great battle, indeed, and women/mothers are right there, at the forefront of this war…therefore, we better put on the Armor of God every day if we want to stay in the fight…the good news is that Victory is ours in Christ. He has overcome the world…but until He comes back, we must hold the fort. thanks for the post. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Thank you for this reminder to always reflect the truths of God in the manner in which we live – daily. And it will surely be a battle but it can be won as we live intentionally. I am visiting from the TGIF Blog Hop.


  5. Thank you Ceil – for following along with this series. It has been very convicting for me. I thank God for His grace and the love of my wonderful husband, when I fail – as I do so often!!

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