That Which Makes the Weak Strong

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What made the difference in the disciples between the gospels and the book of Acts? Here's the clue!

The disciples we see in the gospels were rough around the edges. Really, really rough.

Doubting Thomas.

Braggadocios Peter.

The Sons of Thunder.

They couldn’t cast out demons, they were easily distracted by unimportant details, and they battled for position of power and importance.

Honestly, when you look at this raggle-taggle bunch, you don’t see a whole lot of potential for greatness…

…unless you’re Jesus.

Unless you know something that most people don’t know.


But just turn over a few pages and suddenly these disciples who abandoned Jesus in the most painful moments of His life…

…the ones who fled for cover, denied their connection with him (so vehemently that vulgarity may or may not have been involved)…

…the ones who, after Jesus’ death, were huddled together in the upper room shaking in fear that the Jewish religious rulers would find them and do to them what they did to Jesus…. (If they only knew what the end of their lives would look like)


These same men suddenly take on the known world.

They preach boldly in the Tabernacle without so much as batting an eye at the Pharisees and Sadducees.

With just a word from their mouths, the lame walk.

By Acts 10, they even do the unthinkable and take the gospel to the Gentiles! **gasp** And suddenly the entire world is on fire…blazing for Christ.

They are arrested, beaten, and martyred for  Christ.

Thousands are added to the church everyday. And world leaders are are pulling their hair out in frustration because the more they persecute these zealots, the hotter the bonfire burns.


What’s the difference?

What happened between Luke and Acts – the sequel to the book of Luke?

When you look at the end of Luke and the first chapter of Acts, nothing of significance has occurred that hasn’t been recorded. So the clue is in there somewhere.

And the clue is given in Acts 1 & 2.


Watch the scopes below and you’ll see what that clue is:


Disclaimer: While this post correlates with the readings of the Good Morning Girls’ Acts study, the teachings in this post are entirely my own and do not necessarily represent the theological leanings of the rest of the Good Morning Girls’ leadership.


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