The Missional Handbook

Have you ever wondered if you’re called to be a missionary? Perhaps you don’t feel called to go to another country, but you feel a great desire to share the gospel with those around you. Maybe you’d like to share the gospel more, but don’t feel you have the tools.

Have you ever asked yourself:

How should we approach missions in this modern era?

How can you become directly involved in global missions right from your living room?

How can you reach nations without ever leaving your home?

Hi, my name is Rosilind.

10 years ago I sat on a friend’s couch in Bosnia. I camped out in her living for 3 full months. Truth is, the first time we met was when I showed up at her doorstep at midnight with 2 bulging suitcases. Later that night we sat at her little kitchen table sipping tea and chatting. She is the most generous person I know.

During those 3 months she would often find me furiously typing away at my laptop.

I didn’t blog then. But I still wrote. And in those three months I wrote much of what would make up The Missional Handbook, but it would sit on my laptop for nearly 10 years.

My time in Bosnia opened up for me a whole new perspective on missions than I had ever considered. And as usually is the case with me; once the ideas started rolling, I thought they’d never stop.

This new concept of missions seemed so radical to me; but so much more logical.

Over the next 10 years, I would share my ideas with people; who would heartily agree that this approach met the needs of the modern world in a far greater way – it was certainly more economical.

While I sensed a growing interest in missions, I somehow believed that few would find my book interesting enough to read. The time to publish it never seemed right.

In the fall of 2013 I did a fall series here on A Little R & R called Answer the Call, in which I not only wrote a lot about my experience as a missionary, but asked several fellow local and overseas missionaries to share their stories, too.

It was then that I knew it was time to publish my book. I took much of that series and mingled it in with the book I wrote in Bosnia, and added a bit more and culmination of that is The Missional Handbook.

In The Missional Handbook you will not only read about what the Lord showed me as a new and modern approach to missions, you will also find information on how you can implement this approach, prepare for the mission field and how you can help support other missionaries abroad.

But that’s not all, The Missional Handbook also includes a question-and-answer section and a bonus section that includes tips from missionaries and stories from local, “uncommon” and global missionaries.

What people are saying about The Missional Handbook

The Missional Handbook by Rosilind Jukic is an effective quick-reference guide to modern missions with a little of something for everyone. – Jennifer

The author, Rosilind Jukic, has done a phenomenal job in tackling the need to present the gospel message both abroad and locally in such a way that meets the cultural and technological changes in the various societies across the globe today. – Judith

Jukic writes a very interesting, inspiring and easy-to-read guide that includes: doing missions in your own backyard, a unique and much-needed way to help improve the effectiveness of short term missions, and practical information that you are going to need if you do decide to become a full time missionary oversees. – Brittany

If your heart is beating, you are called to be a missionary!

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If your heart is beating, you're called to be a missionary. The Missional Handbook is a call to approach missions from a new perspective. #alittlerandr #missions #missionary

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