3 {Creative} Ways to Evangelize as a Family

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We were born to glorify God. Our purpose is to extend His kingdom here on earth. “Let Your kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Our calling is to do all we can to take as many people as possible with us to heaven when we go.

How this plays out in each individual life varies; but the foundational purpose for all of our lives is the same – advance the kingdom of God.

Or as my dad says: Plunder hell to populate heaven!

3 Creative Ways to Evangelize as a Family | Take some time to help your children understand that what we do in this life has eternal impact. #VBS #homeless #elderly #evangelism #parentinghacks #familylife #kidfriendly #momlife

There is nothing more beautiful, more inspiring or more powerful than a family that evangelizes together as a unit.

Here are 3 creative ways you can evangelize together as a family.

1. Make a prayer wall

The key to intentionally fulfilling a priority is to keep it in front of your face. It is so easy to let priorities slip when we get caught up in day-to-day routines of shopping, laundry, dishes, meals, and busing our kids from band practice to sports games.

A prayer wall can be simple. Designate an area where you pin verses about the great commission, quotes about evangelism, and even possibly list those you are praying for. You can get very creative with this!

Ideas include:

  • Painting a chalkboard
  • Using a bulletin board
  • Make a ribbon memo board

The purpose for this prayer wall is to help you not only be intentional about praying for the needs of your family and friends, but to act upon them.

Ask family and friends if they need prayer and pray for them right where they are.

2. Hold a 5-Day Club at your house

Do a small-scale VBS for just your neighborhood.

Invite the neighborhood kids over, teach them about Jesus, do some crafts and games, and have fun as a family sharing Christ with your neighborhood.

You can also volunteer as a family to help out in your church’s VBS program. Make it a family-affair and then after its over, gather together and share about what God did through your 5-Day Club or VBS.

3. Volunteer at a homeless shelter / Visit nursing homes

In our fast-paced society, we tend to allow certain groups of people to become forgotten. Two of those groups are the homeless and the elderly.

And they feel they’ve been forgotten.

As a family, you can have a wonderful ministry by reaching out with the love of Jesus and making a difference in a life that may otherwise have been left untouched.

It is very easy as a family to get caught in the spin-cycle of life – just going round and round with all of the commitments, activities, and the daily stuff that needs to get done and forget the Great Commission.

But in these moments – when as a family, you minister together – you not only make a difference in others’ lives, you make a difference in your children’s lives.

You begin to create a foundation for understanding that life isn’t about what we see right here, right now. It’s eternal.

Our actions have eternal impact!

Have you done something like this with your kids? Take a moment and share about it in the comments!

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  1. One thing we love to do here is to keep all the Christmas cards sent by missionaries and Church members. Every night we pick a card and pray over that particular family. Love these ideas!!

  2. We were created to Glorify God! Plunder Hell to populate Heaven. I LOVE how neatly, and briefly you’ve said the simplest, most important thing–EVER. What would our families be like if ALL of us did this? Just beautiful!
    I’m your next Google follower, and Pinning this. I hope your brief and profound words hit every house in America.

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