What Is the Secret Place of the Most High?

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What do you do when you’re afraid?

People all around the world are glued to the news right now; watching the number of those infected with Coronavirus go up.

Watching the number of those who have succumbed to the virus also go up.

Over the weekend, our city endured a number of earthquakes and even more aftershocks.

The earthquakes caused significant damage to our Capitol city Zagreb and many people have been evacuated from their homes, apartment buildings, and hospitals.

Chaos is all around us, all around the world.

Just one month ago, life for many of us was normal.

Get up, go to work, make dinner, help kids with homework, go to bed, and get up tomorrow and start all over.

While many people are blaming the media for adding to the hysteria surrounding the pandemic, for many concern is real.

We have family and friends who are at high risk for complications if they are infected with the coronavirus.

There are those that are deeply concerned about the economic fallout because of cities and states being quarantined.

But while these are valid concerns, we cannot allow our hearts to freeze in fear.

Psalm 91 reminds us of what we need to do when we are afraid.

Suddenly, just a handful of days ago our lives changed dramatically.

What Is the Secret Place of the Most High?

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

The temptation we face when we’re faced with a crisis is to feed our negative emotions.

We glue ourselves to the news and allow our emotions to churn out of control.

But the writer of Psalm 91 reminds us that if instead of feeding our negative emotions, we pull away to the secret place of the Most High, we will find protection.

What is the secret place of the Most High?

Our prayer closet. Our war room.

But it’s so much more than that!

We have become so accustomed to scheduling our lives that we have learned to compartmentalize everything.

Portions of our day are marked for meals, working, learning, resting, vegging out and…yes….devotions.

In fact, when we think about “devotions” or our “quiet time”, we thinking about a block of time in our day when we sit down to read our Bibles, pray, and maybe even do a little Bible study — if we have time.

This becomes a real struggle for new moms…and even moms of older kids who often need additional help with homework or need chauffering back and forth to games, private lessons, and their after-school jobs.

The guilt that comes from no longer having that “time slot” in their day for quiet time hangs over their head.

They’ve failed as a Christian.

The problem isn’t the lack of time, the problem is a wrong idea of devotion.

David said in Psalm 1 — and in many other places in the Psalms — that he meditated on God’s Word, His Law, day and night.

David didn’t have a “quiet time”, he had a relationship.

He had a “secret place” that likely at many times throughout his life wasn’t an actual place, but an attitude of heart.

Our “secret place” is a knowing, a place in our heart that is so utterly at peace that we can pull away from the fear and the drama to a secure place with Christ mo matter where we are and what is going on around us.

Our secret place isn’t threatened by the drama going on around us; instead it the place where we’ll find the wisdom we need to neutralize the drama.

Our secret place isn’t influenced by our emotions; instead it brings our thoughts and emotions into captivity to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

How do we build our secret place?

We build our secret place by daily renewing our mind, refocusing our emotions, and retraining our will so that our soul is in full submission to God’s Word.

This means we must learn to erase our time slots with God and give Him all of our day.

By learning to meditate on God’s Word all day, and communicate with Him all day; we are building a secret place – a hiding place – that we can turn to in turbulent times.

We are building a refuge that is rich with the wisdom we need to give to a hopeless world.

We are building a hiding place where we can be strengthened and encouraged when the rest of the world is encompassed in drama and hysteria.

Yes, we can still have our morning quiet times; but we must train ourselves to take with us what God speaks to us in our morning quiet times and infuse it throughout our day.

God isn’t content with our time slots.

He wants to build a secret place – a dwelling place – in your heart where you and He meet alone every day, all day.

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