5 Prayers for a Thankful Heart

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Do you get annoyed with the cliché thanksgiving posts on social media?

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I do fight a niggling sense of cynicism when I see those people who’ve complained all year long suddenly posting their daily thanksgiving posts in November.

I have tried so hard to fight against that negativity that teases the edges of my mind, because I feel like I need to give grace.

And yet, I know that a truly thankful heart is a heart ready to mature.

This year I want to dig way down deep and find 5 prayers of thankfulness for things I've not had the courage to thank God for yet. Will you join me?

I love Thanksgiving.

I’ll admit that I am a stickler for keeping Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December, because I love the fact that we prepare our hearts for Christ’s advent by first cultivating it with giving thanks.

Every year I do a Thanksgiving challenge on Facebook where I daily give thanks for the little things — and sometimes the big.

Every year its the same though: my husband, my children, my home, my parents….

This year I want to get radical with my thanks!

I have sat down and listed 5 unusual and challenging prayers that I want to thank God for that will help me dig down deep and find that deeper area of gratitude in a way I’ve never felt.

  • My salvation – Have I really stopped lately to remember what God saved me from?
  • My trials – Can I really count it all joy?
  • My pain – Do I really thank God even for the painful seasons of life and the lessons they teach?
  • Me – Can I look in the mirror and truly thank God that He created me the way I am?
  • Answered Prayers – Am I fully aware of all of the ways God is answering my prayers – even the ones I haven’t intentionally prayed?

These 5 prayers really caused me to look at my life in a whole new way. 2017 has been a year of trials and pain…and a lot of loss.

And yet, I knew that I needed to give God thanks…even for that, because He has wants to use even the painful times for His glory.

5 Prayers for a Thankful Heart

Let’s go on a journey to cultivate a more thankful heart. It’s easy to thank God for the good things we have.

Our children, our husbands, our beautiful homes and our great careers. It’s a lot harder to truly feel thankful for our trials, our losses, our pain, and the parts about ourselves that we really don’t like.

The parts of us we wish were invisible or that we could change — but can’t.

But a key part of spiritual maturity is learning to give thanks in all things.

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

We will examine what Scripture has to say about each one and then pray together, giving thanks for these more challenging gifts that God has given us.

Here’s how you can join me on this 5-day journey.

By purchasing this 5 Prayers for a Thankful Heart you will you get the following:

1. Lifetime access to my 5-part video series 5 Prayers for a Thankful Heart

2. Daily worksheets to help you work through these 5 prayers

3. Access to a private Facebook group designed for this study.

4. My 30 Day Prayer Challenge for Thanksgiving to use throughout the month of November

I hope you’ll join me on this 5-day journey to cultivating a heart of deeper and more mature thanks…for everything. This is God’s will.

Resources for Thanksgiving

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Join the thankful challenge today with this 30-day Thankfulness journal that helps you to journal your thoughts of gratitude and thanks.

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layout of Bible verses for Thanksgiving
Pumpkin layout with picture of Bible verse bookmarks
This year I want to dig way down deep and find 5 prayers of thankfulness for things I've not had the courage to thank God for yet. Will you join me?

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