How to Pray in 4 Simple Steps

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Do you find it hard to pray?

Even mature Christians find it hard to pray, or to cultivate a consistent, disciplined prayer life.

New Christians need prayer tips to help them get started, because prayer can seem so abstract, even illusive.

We’re told to talk to God as we would talk to a friend, but we can’t see God.

We can’t read His facial expressions, and at first, we’re not even sure we can hear Him talk back.

One thing I’ve learned is that the journey to understanding how to pray is a lifelong journey. Just as any relationship deepens over time and becomes richer and more meaningful, so it is with prayer.

I believe it is so hard because our modern culture has greatly diminished the reality of a spiritual realm.

The reality of a spiritual realm is saved for sci-fi films and the uneducated in third-world countries; but certainly not for the modern, first-world cultured believer.

Because of this, there is a huge disconnect in our lives between the two realms that are inseparably intertwined with one other.

This can make prayer intimidating for us, as we have trouble relating to a God we can’t see, feel, hear, taste, or touch.

And yet – this invisible realm that often manifests itself in visible ways is as real – and even more so – than this world to which we relate with our 5 senses.

How to Pray in 4 Simple Steps

1. Start Small

Don’t set out to pray for an hour….or even a half hour.

If you don’t have an established, consistent prayer time, start off with a goal of just 5 minutes. Then after that, begin to gradually increase your prayer time little by little.

2. Keep a List

It often happens that when a friend is in need, we comment with, “I’m praying!” only to forget to keep our friend in prayer.

I will neither confirm nor deny that this has happened to me.

A great way to remember to pray for our friends’ and family’s needs is to keep a list.

Just buy a simple notebook and track each prayer need, and then when God answers your prayers.

3. Journal Your Prayers

Sometimes we find it easier to communicate our hearts and feelings through writing.

Journaling our prayers take more time, and helps us slow down enough to really dig down deep in our heart and look at ourselves as we truly are; and look at Jesus as He truly is.

4. Listen

Let’s not forget that a conversation goes two ways.

We speak, but we must also listen.

God speaks to us through the Bible, but He also wants to speak to us through prayer. We must always bear in mind, though, that anything we hear in prayer must be confirmed through the Bible

God is not above His word and will never say anything that contradicts what we read in the Bible.

Prayer is an essential disciple for every believer and is a discipline that must be learned.

If you’d like to learn more about prayer, I’d like to invite you to join my Bible study on prayer. In this Bible study, you will learn to how pray easily and boldly.

Resources for Prayer:

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Free Prayer Cards

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  1. As I have been being delivered from spirits that hindered me I have found that in order to be able to concentrate to pray the spirit of Mind Control and Occult Mind Control, along with Leviathan needed to be dealt with. Leviathan would put me to sleep, and the mind control spirits would make me think of everything else that I needed to do or all the reasons why I should not pray something. Then I learned about psychic prayers and had to repent of that. (an example is given here ) The idea of taking away the free will of another through prayer had never occurred to me, yet as I learned about it I realized that it is done very very often by believers. The website has lots more information and has been very helpful.

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