The Seven “I Ams” of Jesus Scripture Writing Challenge

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I love the book of John.

It is such an intimate portrait of Jesus and so unlike the other Gospels, in that it reflects Jesus in a completely different way than the others.

In the book of John, we read Jesus refer to Himself as seven “I Ams”.

  • I Am the Bread of Life
  • I Am the Light of the World
  • I Am the Door
  • I Am the Good Shepherd
  • I Am the Way the Truth and the Life
  • I Am the Vine
  • I Am the Resurrection and the Life

In these seven “I Am” statements, we are invited to get to know another side of Jesus’ character and nature, it’s like He’s calling us to get to know Him in an even deeper way!

Even more so when we reflect on what these names mean to us personally in our various seasons of life.

How does Jesus being the Bread of Life change my perspective of what it means to be fulfilled and satisfied in life?

If He is the Bread of Life, then do I truly need anything else to satiate my inner drive and give me a sense of fulfillment?

As we reflect on who Jesus is, through these “I Am” statements, we’re challenged to look at Him in a deeper, more personal way.

We’re also challenged to look at our life and examine how well we really know Him and accept Him in this way.

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