A Study of Hebrews

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How well do you understand the grace of God?

As women, we try so hard to be perfect,
get the Christian life just right
and have all of the pieces in just the right places.

The book of Hebrews is a deep and complex argument for the finality of Christ’s sacrifice and His completed work on the cross.

It presents for us the importance of learning to balance our need for holy living with the grace of God and the blood of Jesus that sanctifies us and makes us holy.

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If you struggle with accepting your position in Christ and find that you rely on your own strength more than the grace of God to live the Christian life, you will find A Study of Hebrews life-changing.

It takes you on a journey through this powerful book of the Bible, giving you a devotional reading sprinkled with probing questions for each chapter.

What makes A Study of Hebrews so special is that my mom wrote a significant portion of the material. In 2017, she called and asked me to join her in creating this chapter-by-chapter study of the book of Hebrews.

She had already committed the entire book to memory, and now she was taking what the Lord had taught her and put into a study for other women to glean from.

Together we studied the book chapter-by-chapter, writing what the Lord was showing us from the book. And then we went through it one more time to add material to video.

WANDA HACKETT has served in the ministry alongside her husband Dean Hackett for forty-eight years as a pastor’s wife and children’s pastor.

Dean and Wanda have together planted four churches and pastored churches in five states and two provinces.

They have three beautiful children, Rosilind Jukić, who is currently serving as a missionary in Croatia, Bonnie Dučić, who is also serving as a pastor’s wife in Croatia, and Aaron Hackett, who has recently planted his first church in the Portland, Oregon area. Their great love is their nine grandchildren, whom they do not get to see nearly enough. Dean and Wanda currently pastor a church in Hermiston, Oregon.

ROSILIND JUKIĆ has served as a missionary in Zagreb, Croatia since 2004.  In addition to her blog A Little R & R, she began an online Bible study in 2011 for the women in Croatia that quickly expanded across Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia; providing them with free Bible study materials in their language as well as private accountability groups to help keep them active in God’s Word and prayer.

Rosilind and her husband Zlatko, together with their two active boys, live in a small suburbian community east of Zagreb, where they daily shine the light of Jesus and pray for divine appointments to share the gospel.

Rosilind grew up in a pastor’s home and went on to get her bachelor’s degree in Theology, she has written a number of books and Bible studies.

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This study is available in three formats:

A Study of Hebrews is an online, video-based Bible study that moves through the Book of Hebrews chapter-by-chapter in 13 power-packed lessons for women. #alittlerandr #Hebrews #onlineBiblestudy #Biblestudyforwomen

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