Hebrews 11 Bible Verse Memorization Pack

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Layout of Hebrews Bible Verse Printable Pack

One of the great benefits I have experienced from memorizing God’s Word is an increase in my faith.

The more I memorize and meditate on Scripture, the more my faith and trust in God deepens.

One of my favorite passages to meditate on is Hebrews 11.

Hebrews 11 strips away our assumption that all of the heroes of faith in the Bible were near-perfect men and women who had it all together.

Quite the opposite.

When you roam the “halls of faith” and see the men and women God chose as a standard of great faith, you will quite a motley crew!

There are liars, adulterers, murderers, and even a prostitute on that list.

It’s like God is letting us know that He doesn’t require perfection from us in the way we think of perfection.

He expects us to lean in on His grace and power to do the extraordinary things He’s called us to do.

Not trusting in our strength, but His.

Not trusting in our wit and wisdom, but His.

Not trying to control and manipulate circumstances to get the outcome we’re hoping for, but trusting that His plan will prevail despite our current situation.

And that His plan is perfect – even when it is the opposite of ours.

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Table layout of A Study of Hebrews book

That is why I have created this Hebrews 11 Bible Verse Memorization Pack for you.

Hebrews 11 Bible Verse Memorization Pack

We need to memorize God’s Word – and not just verses here and there, but large blocks of God’s Word.

Chapters, even books!

That is why I’ve begun to offer these printable packs of whole chapters of the Bible – so that we begin to form a habit of memorizing large blocks of Scripture.

In my post 10 Bible Passages Every Christian Should Memorize I talk about the importance of memorizing Bible passages.

While it is good to know key Bible verses, or even have a set of verses in the Bible that help to target areas that we are battling in our life, we can run into problems doing this.

There is danger in isolating verses in the Bible, we can easily take verses out of the proper context and assign meaning to them that God never gave.

However, there is tremendous power in memorizing whole passages of Scripture.

Not only are we hiding large portions of God’s Word in our heart, it has greater power to transform our thinking patterns, and thereby our whole life.

Hebrews 11 is a great passage to memorize if you are wanting great faith.

Today I am offering Hebrews 11 as a memorization pack.

All verses taken from the New King James Version

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You can grab the set of Bible verse cards below by just typing your email in the form below the image

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Grab this scripture memorization Challenge printable pack today and begin hiding God's Word in your heart and renewing your mind. #alittlerandr #memorzing #Bible #jesus #God
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