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The Keepers at Home Series:


Homemaking.  Wow.  Now there’s a word that is met with a lot of emotion.

It’s a term that is conjures up images of June Cleaver and often causes feelings of inadequacy. Rather than the poised woman in a pressed dress and heels with hair and make up perfectly in place, we view ourselves as frumpy in a wrinkled t-shirt and stained sweats wrestling our teething, cranky toddler.  We aren’t even on the same planet as June Cleaver!

And our disillusionment with what we fear we can never live up to has caused us to seek something that validates us as a woman. 

What is even more tragic is that we have turned the realm of homemaking into a battle ground.  The lines are drawn with “career women” on one side and “homemakers” on the other.  We hurl insults at each other, accuse one another, and each side assumes they are better than the other.

Many women who work outside of the home insist they are more fulfilled (which translates to stay-at-home moms as “you are not as fulfilled as you could be”, while stay-at-home moms claim they are fulfilling the God-given mandate for a woman (which naturally translates to working moms as “you are not fulfilling that biblical mandate!”)

Is a homemaker only limited to stay-at-home moms?

A homemaker is a woman who selflessly serves her family by making her home an oasis flowing with love, joy and peace!

We must learn to once again view homemaking with honor and dignity. 

We are not just homemakers.  We set the atmosphere, keep the schedules running smoothly, put dinner on the table, chauffeur kids to private lessons and sports practice…

…we make sure the bills are paid on time and the laundry is clean and pressed

…nails are trimmed and everyone’s hair is brushed

…birthday parties are planned and holiday guests feel welcome and at ease

…homework is done and Sunday school verses are memorized

The list is unending.

But in the all of the multi-tasking that must take place with homemaking (because how else would everything ever get done?), we often feel bogged down, unappreciated, taken for granted, tired, over-worked and 

we just want a break!!!

But a homemaker doesn’t derive her satisfaction, her worth or value from the praise she receives from those she serves…

When her babies give her sloppy kisses and say, “I yuh yoo!”, her role as a mother is not validated.

When her husband comes home with flowers or chocolate, his gifts and praise do not validate her role as a homemaker

For homemaking does not isn’t about seeking appreciation or validation for the work we do, it doesn’t rate our value as wives and mothers.

And I believe this is why Titus admonished the older women to instruct the younger women to be homemakers.  To find satisfaction in creating an oasis for the ones they serve.  To give selflessly and lovingly, while allowing the joy of the Lord to be the strength that recharges us for each new day!

Homemaking is not about us.

It is all – 110% – about those we serve.

And when we receive back the splashes of love and joy and peace that flow from us to them,

  that, my dears, is merely a bonus! 
Icing on the cake.

So the next time you “grow weary in well doing” (as I do so often!) take a few moments to worship the Lord and allow His joy to fill your heart.  Sing a song of praise to Him.  Let the words of adoration fill your being until your heart overflows with His amazing goodness.  Allow His goodness and joy to surge through your being giving new life to your mortal body!

Then, allow that joy to flow out of your heart to fill the ones you serve!  And just as an oasis brings life to the desert, so this river of God’s joy, flowing through you, will give even greater life to your family! And you will receive back the splashes of blessing that flow from the heart of God through you to them! 

Dear reader,  I know the Greek words used in Titus 2 for “Keeper of the Home” describe a domestic woman, a woman who cares for her house and works at home. However, there are literally thousands of blog posts written from that perspective. If you are like me, you often face moments when  you are exhausted with all of the domesticity that unendingly cries out for your attention and care. You want just one day to sleep in, grab a coffee with a close friend, go shopping for something other than food or school supplies, or just do something for yourself. I wanted today’s post to take on a different perspective of homemaking – the attitude of homemaking…the selflessness of homemaking…the joy of homemaking — and remind us all that the joy of homemaking does not come from the act of homemaking itself, but from the one who appointed us homemakers. And His joy is a joy that will never fade.  It is a joy that will sustain us and cause us to rise above the exhaustion and need for solitude. Today let us bask in the joy of HIS presence and be faithful the in call that He has called us to!

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  1. I was a stay at home mom, owned my own daycare, worked outside the home and became a stay at home mom again but ALWAYS a homemaker. Sometimes I’m a horrible homemaker, it looks like a tornado touched down — other times – it’s awesome! I am very thankful though and I don’t look at caring for my home as mundane (I know some that do). I get a big thrill when I see my husband eat a meal I’ve prepared or when he talks about how fresh the clothes smell — love that!

  2. I could feel some of those splashes of joy flowing onto me to day while reading this post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a refreshing perspective. The go to work / stay at home issue reminds me of the go to school / homeschool issue. They are both so divisive. When I say I homeschool, immediately public/private school moms seem to feel they need to defend their decision.

    Blessings to you!


    Harvest Lane Cottage

  4. This is such a lovely post. All to often I do get discouraged by the never ending-ness of homemaking. We sometimes give so much of ourselves we get a little empty…what better way to fill up than with Jesus? Thank you for sharing this today!

  5. Amen! God puts the JOY in homemaking! Thanks for linking up to the “Making Your Home Sing Monday!” linky party! 🙂

  6. Thank you – yes, I needed to go back and read my own post this week! lol!!! It’s been a harrowing couple of weeks. But no better way to be refreshed that in Jesus’ presence!!

  7. Thank you! It’s sad that we become so divided over methods when what is most important is character. And sometimes we forget that many (especially today) have no choice. Many times economics demand both parents work outside of the home, which pretty much settles the school question as well. My heart is to help women learn to encourage each other, even when they disagree on methodology. We need encouragement so much…motherhood can be so hard sometimes…and it makes it harder when we fight over non-essentials.

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