No-Grain {Fake} Noatmeal {with variations)

There is something so fall-ish about a warm bowl of oatmeal. Especially when it’s got some yummy flavors and spices. I wont lie, this was one thing I kind of struggled with when I decided to go Keto. That is, until I found out about “noatmeal”. I tried several different versions of it, until I […]

Keto Tuna Salad

I eat a lot of salads. By “a lot”, I mean that I eat giant salads nearly every single day. In fact, I’ve found it is the easiest and most delicious meal modification I’ve found. Nearly every meat dish I make for my kids gets turned into a salad. Just take the meat, chop it […]

11 Keto Dishes For Your Easter Meal Plan

My goal has been to maintain a Keto eating plan through the holidays. I manage to do this some years, while other years caving to the carb-filled dishes and sweet desserts. Easter seems to be one of the easier holidays to stick to, because a lot of the dishes are already keto-friendly. Ham. Eggs. Fresh […]

Keto Taco Crack Slaw

Have you ever tried Keto Crack Slaw? If you like egg rolls, you’ll see why it’s called “crack slaw”. It’s so good, you can’t stop eating it. Or thinking about it. Or wishing you were eating it. You can find my recipe for Keto Beef & Pork Crack Slaw here. While eating my first ever […]

Keto Italian Pastaless Salad

One of my most favorite summertime salads is Italian Pasta Salad. My mom would make it every summer – it was so delicious….with it’s sharp, Italian flavors, delicious pepperoni slices, crunchy, lightly steamed vegetables….and pasta. I’ll be honest, pasta was one of the hardest things for me to give up……until zucchini. I’m sorry for those […]

Keto Beef and Pork Crack Slaw

Here is something I’ve wanted to try for a very long time….and finally did. I took this recipe and altered it a bit for the ingredients I can get here….so my own recipe is below. There is a reason why this is called “Crack Slaw”. It is seriously so delicious, that you can’t stop eating it. While […]

Keto Maple Breakfast Sausage

To this day, if someone asks me what my favorite breakfast is, I don’t have to think…not even for a second. The words are coming out of my mouth before the person gets to their question mark. Biscuits and gravy. Nothing spells a lazy Saturday morning comfort breakfast like biscuits and gravy! Two problems though…no, three.  […]

Keto Peanut Butter Brownies

Who said you can’t have deserts on keto? Not me There are few desserts I crave, I’m more of a salty girl than sweet, but I cannot turn down a chewy brownie. I love my brownies! And I love peanut butter. So, after trying a keto brownie recipe, I decided to marry peanut butter and […]