I’m Retracting a Post for the First Time!

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Two years ago, I sat down and wrote a post that had been weighing on my heart for while.

I was grieved. I was disturbed. And what I shared was from an authentic place of grief over the body of Christ being divided.

I still feel that grief.

Rosilind with a shocked expression

The body of Christ in 2020 is far more divided than it was in 2018. But something inside of me has change.

I believe that while my post was written in sincerity, it was sincerely wrong.

And today I am posting my first-ever retraction after 10 1/2 years of blogging.

I’m Retracting a Post for the First Time!

In August of 2018 I wrote the post 3 Reasons Why I Don’t Discuss Politics on Social Media.

The reasons I gave were:

1. Nothing wholesome arises from discussing politics on social media

2. I don’t want to promote more division in the church

3. Politics will not change our nation, but I know what will.

Actually – these are really good reasons; and I still stand on the fact that want to discuss wholesome, productive things on social media, promote unity in the church, and that only Jesus can save our nation.

I will always stand on that!

But there is one reason why I have decided to retract my post – and it is this.

If the church retreats in a time of great darkness, confusion, and mob-rule, then she withdraws her light and influence.

And if we hide our light right now, we are being irresponsible at the very time when God needs to use us in this culture.

And here’s the thing:

The gospel and politics go hand-in-hand.

The gospel informs our politics. And we are in a time in American history when historic political decisions are being made. Our vote is more important than it’s ever been and we can’t afford to retreat politically!

Not long ago I saw someone pose the question: Will we lose the right to share our faith next year if we share our political opinions this year?

And I do think that this was the question I was grappling with in 2018.

Well, I’m not grappling with it any longer. And here’s why:

It implies that Christians are the only ones who are not allowed to voice their political opinions.

It implies that Christians are supposed to be meek, humble, and silent about these issues….

While our country careens down the cliff to socialism in mob rule….

While violence and murder are happening in our streets every night…

While politics is drowning in the worst corruption our nation has ever known….

While millions of babies are slaughtered and our children are being ripped from our arms to be trafficked….

While our children are being brainwashed in our schools….

While they’re being educated in pornography, perversion, and pedophilia….

We are supposed to just exit the public forum out of fear that we’ll lose the right to share the gospel in 2021.

This idea is insulting to Almighty God.

If there ever was a time in American history when the Church needed to be the loudest voice in the political discussion, it is now.

But make no mistake: This question comes up now because there are those – even Christians – who want to silence conservative voices and intimidate them into silence by making them believe that voicing a political opinion calls their “Christian card” into question.

What do you think would happen to our nation if the church pulled out, shut up, pulled back, and stopped being a godly influence in our nation?

Take what’s happening right now in our major cities all around America right now and put it on steroids, and that’s what you’d get.

We can’t afford to lose our influence!

I know, they’ll say “You can’t legislate morality”, but point them to the first 5 books of the Bible and tell them that God was the first one to legislate morality, because man left to his own devices will only self-destruct.

Legislating morality is the “school master” that reminds us just how corrupt we are and how much we’re in need of a Savior – because without a moral law, we defile our conscience beyond hope.

And it’s the Church that should be on the front lines, because it is the Church who has – throughout American history – been the standard of morality in our culture!

Don’t be intimidated into silence.

I am no longer silent on social media. No, you won’t see me sharing ugly memes or being distasteful, but you will see me making arguments for why I believe the way I do and why I believe those arguments are based on Scripture.

The gospel informs my politics; and it should inform yours as well.

Be all the more inspired to raise your voice. And by all means, share the gospel in 2021….and now.

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