A New Kind of Prayer Journal

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If you battle with your prayer life, this post is great for you. If you’re a Good Morning Girl, this post is especially great for you.

Here is a simple yet effective prayer journal for you to use in your quiet time! It is simple, effective and great for busy moms!

Over the past two months, I have been challenged to engage my prayer life in a way I never have before. Late last fall the Lord gave me my word for 2016: Position – to position myself for victory, blessing, and to position myself in a way that my family can see and connect with me.

Positioning myself to connect with God and others.

And prayer is an essential to position!


That’s why when Catherine Gabrielson asked me to share her new prayer journal Be Inspired by Mark with you – my readers – I was really excited because it fits so perfectly with where I am and what I’m writing about right now!

Yesterday we began reading the Book of Mark with Good Morning Girls and this prayer journal was designed to fit right along with it.

Not only is it lovely inside, but for each chapter there is a prayer and then space to write out a short prayer, something we are thankful for, and our answer to a question that Catherine gives us based on the chapter we’ve read.

I absolutely love this because it’s a perfect companion to the study, and it is so easy to use. If you’re a busy mom, you will not find this prayer journal daunting at all. In fact, it is so perfect for busy moms because it challenges you to stop and dig deep your heart, and yet it is not overwhelming as a daily task.

As we dig into the Word, we also have a journal that inspires us to go deeper in prayer as well!

I know you’ll want to grab your own copy of Be Inspired by Mark.

I know you’ll relate to Catherine’s story that she shares in the introduction to the journal, and you’ll find it so simple to use in your own private prayer life as a way to make the Book of Mark come even more alive to you.

Grab your copy today!!

Let’s dig deeper in the Word and press forward in prayer as we draw closer to Christ this Easter season!

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