One Fabulous Tip to Organize Your Prayer List

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If you find that you often forget to pray for needs you've promised to hold in prayer, here is one fabulous tip to help organize your prayer list. #alittelrandr #prayer #warroom #quiettime #prayerlist

My heart sank as I read the exciting email.

A dear friend was writing me to thank me for my prayers. God had answered and the situation was resolved.

While  I was elated for her that God had come through, as I knew He would, I felt guilty that I hadn’t given the situation as much prayer as I had promised.

In the moment I had good intentions, but between nursing and diapers, an active toddler and housework, the need got swept aside and lost in all the daily clutter.

Sadly, this episode was rerun several times over since then. Each time it bothered me more and more because I hate to break my word.

I had promised to pray.

I needed to follow through on my promises!

So, I came up with a prayer list. On it I kept a running list of needs to pray for.

Every time someone shared a need, I would write it on my list. I would check back to see how my friends were doing.

It was very efficient!

At first I was quite proud of my little system. That is until my list became so overwhelmed with needs that I found I lacked time to adequately pray for them all.

My system needed tweaking! That’s when I turned to my index cards.

The ultimate organizing tool!

Organize your prayer life with these free printable prayer cards!

I have 8 of them.

At the top of the card is one ongoing need.

Under that I pick 4-5 additional needs to pray for each day. This way, each need or person is prayed over each week.

I have been using this system for months now, and have found it to be my best system yet!

I made these free printable prayer cards for you to use. You will receive a link immediately in your email to download these prayer cards, along with a bunch of other fun and useful printables!.

Get these prayer cards today when you type your email in the form below:

Dpwnload these prayer cards today!

I have put together a 7-day teaching called the 7 Day Fervent Prayer Strategy eStudy.

With this e-study you receive lifetime access to 7 videos, a 70-page prayer journal, and a private Facebook Group in which you can talk about prayer with other women and even ask me questions.

Join me for the 7 Day Payer Strategy e-study and learn to pray effective, fervent prayers that avail much! #alittlerandr #prayer #prayerstrategy #warroom

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One Fabulous Tip to Organize Your Prayer List

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  1. Hi. Thank you for all of your helpful ideas. I tried to download the booklet and workbook for your prayer system. I didn’t find a link or anything that I could download. Your system sounds incredible, and I k now I could some help. I am a subscriber. Could you please send me the link or something for the booklet and workbook?

    Blessings to you.

  2. This is a great idea! I usually end up spending 20-30 minutes per day praying for the needs of others, which can be overwhelming. This idea sounds so much more manageable! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Great idea! When I was in college, I used index cards, but used one for each person, and just added to it. It ended up taking a LONG time to go through them. I like your idea a lot. Thanks for the freebie!
    Loved seeing you link up with us at Grace & Truth this week!

  4. What a simple yet profound way to ensure all your prayer requests get prayed for consistently. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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