Thanksgiving Is a Weapon of Spiritual Warfare

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Are you battling a feeling of emptiness as a Christian woman?

Maybe you feel guilty because as a Christian you shouldn’t feel empty.

Perhaps this feeling of emptiness and longing has led to depression and even resentment.

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You know that feeling, when the lights go out and you’re trying to sleep, but you can’t because you feel an overwhelming sense of longing that goes unfulfilled.

The sinking feeling keeping you in a cycle of trying harder but failing just as hard.

This negative cycle of toxic emotions that are powerful enough to motivate you every morning to muscle through and find a way to fill that void.

Yet, overwhelming enough to drown you at night when you realized that muscling through was, once again, not enough.

And you’re not enough. You’re never enough.

I understand those feelings. I battled them too for a long time.

I spent a lot of years trying to ease those feelings of emptiness, longing, and even depression and self-hatred – only to find nothing I tried ever worked.

Then I discovered a verse in the Bible that completely changed my life.

I realized I had been trying to fight a spiritual battle with earthly weapons.

I was battling an enemy who wanted to keep me living beneath what God had for me because it kept me spiritually weak and ineffective for God’s kingdom.

Oh – I could quote all of the right verses and give all of the right answers, but deep inside I wasn’t walking in victory.

Then, the full weight of these verses hit me:

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 thessalonians 5:16-18

These weren’t just good ideas, they were commands.

Thanksgiving Is a Weapon of Spiritual Warfare

Rejoicing wasn’t a feeling, it was a command, and it was a command to do it always.

Pray without ceasing wasn’t just a theory, but a command.

Giving thanks wasn’t a feeling, it was a command, and it was a command to do it in everything.

At that moment, I realized that these were spiritual weapons God had given me to defeat a complaining spirit that left me bound to living beneath what God had created me to be.

Gaining the victory in this area took time.

There were years of self-abuse and toxic thought patterns that needed to be undone.

This wasn’t going to happen in a flash.

It took discipline and consistency to renew my mind, but with time there came a level of freedom I had never known before.

Using these spiritual weapons helped me to overcome the crippling anxiety with which I had lived.

I was able to walk in a greater level of forgiveness, freely giving grace to those who had hurt and offended me.

As I began to walk in this new level of freedom, I walked out of the isolating walls I had built around my heart, thinking they would keep me from being hurt and rejected.

I found a new level of joy in the friendships I began to form.

It is as if I have been born again… again!

I believe these spiritual weapons are often neglected and for a reason.

The enemy wants to keep us living well beneath the potential and destiny for which God has created us.

In doing so, we are ineffective in spreading the kingdom of God here on earth.

Instead of going about kingdom work, we spend our time trying to fill the void we feel inside, chasing an illusion of satisfaction we will never find apart from Christ and the freedom He offers.

This spiritual battle takes discipline and consistency, but it is some of the greatest work we will do in our lives because it brings complete and lasting victory.

Victory on which we can build a solid testimony in which the world will see the power of God in a tangible way.

In my book The Power of a Thankful Heart – How to Defeat a Complaining Spirit, I share step-by-step how I came to a place of total freedom.

I describe each weapon I used in this spiritual battle against a complaining, negative, and cynical spirit.

After each chapter, you will find a study section that will lead you to dig deeper for yourself and apply what you’ve read.

Get The Power of a Thankful Heart today and begin your journey to complete freedom and victory.

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Resources for Thanksgiving

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