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I’ll never forget the moment I heard my mom explain the biblical definition of perfection.

At that moment, I experienced freedom in a way I had never experienced before.

I had read the verse “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”

And I tried to live up to that command.

I tried so hard!

The Victory Over Sin Workbook layout

I’d wake up each day determined to do and be the best, and go to bed each night feeling defeated.

Then, my mom explained that God’s definition of perfect doesn’t mean “without flaws”.

Goodness knows, we’re flawed and there isn’t anything we can do about that!

God’s definition of perfect means this:

God pours His love, mercy, and grace over all of our flaws, cracks, and imperfections and makes us whole.

The word Jesus used in the Greek for perfect is τέλειος and means:

  • of age
  • fulfilled
  • finished
  • complete
  • mature

This is what God wants to do to us. He wants to complete us, finish us, and help us move toward maturity.

Do you struggle to win the victory over sin?

I would like to offer you a free downloadable workbook to begin meditating on what Scripture says about discouragement.

It is simple and powerful to use.

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layout of verses to fight discouragement
layout of bible verses for discouragement Bookmark
Layout of 10 Bible verses for when you fall into sin.
The Victory Over Sin Workbook layout
woman in bed reading pink book and smiling
Layout of Bible verses to defeat insecurity
Layout of Bible Verses to Defeat Insecurity bookmark
Victory Over Insecurity Workbook layout with grey coffee mug
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