10 Bible Verses to Fight Discouragement Bookmark- FREE Printable

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layout of bible verses for discouragement Bookmark

All Christians go through times of discouragement and weariness; and we will face these seasons many times throughout our lifetime.

Times of discouragement happen for many reasons: prolonged illness, ailing loved ones, kids who have strayed from the faith, hurt, disappointment, burn-out.

Our response in times of discouragement is crucial. It means the difference between us moving on to finding the joy Jesus promises or getting stuck in the quicksand of discouragement that threatens to sink us lower and lower.

That is why, in my post last week, I provided 10 Bible verses to help fight discouragement. Today, I’ve taken those verses and made bookmarks out of them.

I love having these bookmarks because they’re so convienient.

You may wonder, why I make both the Bible verse cards and the bookmarks. Well, it’s because they both serve a different purpose.

The Bible verse cards are great to take with you.

You can laminate them and put them on a ring, or use a brass brad. Then pop them in your purse or pocket to have with you wherever you go.

They’re great to use when you’re on the go.

The bookmarks are perfect to use in your Bible, or whatever book you’re currently reading. You can even use them to hang on your mirror or bulletin board for easy reference.

If you’d like to download these free bookmarks with Bible verses to help fight discouragement, just type in your email below and they will pop up right on your screen for you to download and print.

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layout of verses to fight discouragement
layout of bible verses for discouragement Bookmark
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