How Will Christian Parents Respond to the Bathroom Bill?

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Surely all of us by now have heard of the President’s Bathroom Bill directive. A few weeks ago the country was aghast at Target’s decision to allow those who identify as a sex opposite their own to use the bathroom of their choice.

Millions of people boycotted Target, and still do, for this absurd and dangerous decision.

How will we as parents respond to the bathroom bill? Will we boycott the school system as we boycotted Target or will we bury our heads in the sand and pretend that this isn't a great danger to our children?

This week our Commander-in-Chief once again assumed a level of authority that does not belong to him and essentially blackmailed schools all over the nation; threatening lawsuits and to cut off their federal funding if they refused to allow children to enter bathrooms of the sex with which they identify. Furthermore, this extends to locker rooms and showers, as well. Which is unconscionable!

There are three reasons why this Bathroom Bill directive is wrong

1.It removes States’ rights to govern their own education system. Until now every state had the right to decide how it was going to govern its own education system. Now this top-down directive from the Oval Office essentially tells every state how its going govern its school system, whether or not they agree with the directive. While this is not a law, because a President doesn’t have the power to write laws, it carries a lot of weight. Without federal funding a school will have to close its doors.

These states have two choices, fold and surrender to this decree or fight back and risk losing federal funding. Personally, I’d love to see a majority of the states call the President’s bluff!

2. While some claim that forcing transgender / cross-dressing people to use a bathroom of their biological sex is discriminatory, subjecting people to sharing a bathroom with those of the opposite biological sex is not only also discriminatory, in the sense that it discriminates against those who identify with their biological gender by subjecting them to  uncomfortable and vulnerable situation, without giving them a choice.

What’s more, forcing young people to use locker rooms shared by those of the opposite sex is an irresponsible decision! It is uncomfortable enough, at best, to disrobe in front of those of the same biological sex. How much more disrobing in front of those of the opposite sex? It makes both parties vulnerable at an age when hormones are raging high.

Furthermore, it is immoral. For Christians, this should be a no-brainer. The Bible clearly says over and over that we are not to view another person’s nakedness, only if they are our husband or wife. I would argue this goes for locker rooms where kids of the same sex are forced to disrobe and shower.

This is why kids are so uncomfortable with it. God never designed us to be comfortable with our nakedness being exposed.

However, to disrobe in front of someone of the opposite sex is immoral. Plain and simple. No matter how they identify.

3. It places the most vulnerable among us in great danger. While the Washington elite choose to bend over backwards to appease a very small minority of our population (less than .4%), they choose to place a millions of women and children at risk of being attacked by predators.

While I believe few among us truly believe that most transgendered people are predators, there are “straight” people who are predators and will gladly take advantage of this decision to enter bathrooms of the opposite sex and prey on children: boys and girls alike and women.

And this hits the school system right in the gut. How many stories have we heard of coaches, janitors and teachers sexually abusing children? And now they’re given even greater access to children when they are most vulnerable and no one can question it.

And how will parents react to this bathroom bill directive?

This is the question that has nagged at me the past two days.

Three weeks ago my Facebook timeline exploded with angry posts opposing and boycotting Target. And now I am waiting for another massive backlash. For the posts by angry parents frightened to send their kids to school.

I am waiting for the boycotts of the school system and parents sincerely seeking suggestions for alternative forms of education.

I am waiting to hear parents say, “I am never sending my kid back to a school where they are locking in a building for 6-7 hours a day without my protection from potential sexual predators”.

At the end of the day, God gave us these children and it is our right and responsibility to protect them. We can bury our head in the sand and soothe our conscience by saying, “That would never happen to my child” or “My kid knows how to protect himself”.

And yet in 2010, statistics showed that 20% of girls and 5% of boys are sexually abused, and 93% of of those cases were by people that had some sort of relationship with that child: including a teacher, coach or instructor of some sort.

Homeschooling is a good option for parents

While I do not believe that isolating your children from evil is a reason to choose homeschool, I think we’d all agree that there are more reasons than just the bathroom bill to choose homeschooling. Overall, statistics show that the children testing in public school tend to test lower than children who are homeschooled.

There is a good reason for this, public schools are caught in a web of political correctness that governs how and what they teach. Furthermore, classrooms are over-full and teachers are unable to give children individual attention they so often need.

To be fair, not every school is bad and most teachers genuinely want to help their students succeed.

But Washington and union politics often hold them back from accomplishing what they set out to do when they chose a profession in teaching.


On Monday I’d like to debunk some homeschooling myths. I am a graduate of homeschool and can speak from that perspective. I also have several friends who are homeschooling now, with whom I am in daily contact.

I think that now, more than ever before, parents need to start seriously investigating alternative forms of education. And while private school could be an option, even many private schools receive federal funding. Furthermore, I believe that they will be the next target of an Oval Office directive.

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  1. Rosalind, I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t want to sound like and alarmist, but when I look at places like Germany where homeschooling is not permitted, (please feel free to correct me if my information is wrong on that) I wonder how long it will allowed here in the US. It’s already somewhat frowned upon, since control over our children is the ultimate goal. Another good question to ask ourselves might be, how will respond when they try to take away the right homeschool? Interesting times we live in. So good to know Who is ultimately in control! God bless!

    1. You are right. Many European countries (including the country I live in) do not permit homeschooling. I, too, believe that it will come under attack in America at some point in the future. We need to start preparing now.

  2. Rosilind, I am so glad you brought this up. I am seriously considering pulling my granddaughter out of public school the next school year. She will be entering 9th grade at the High School. I don’t want to sound like a frantic parent but I just see this as too many doors being opened for the enemy. I’ve been doing some research and going to have a long talk with my husband about homeschool.

  3. You are right on. We now live in a country that calls good evil and evil good. I am a grandmother. I pray for the parents I know for wisdom and protection for those vulnerable young ones. I am quite frankly frightened to see what comes next. I know they will form some kind of attack on homeschooling, Christian schools and colleges, Christian businesses and ultimately churches to force their perverted views on us. Ultimate power resides with God, but right now I believe we are seeing Romans 1 coming to life in our country. Frankly I believe we are indeed in the Last Days. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

    1. Yes, I believe at some point we WILL see homeschooling come under attack. That would be a good article to write at some point: what will we do in that situation, because we do need to be fully armed and prepared for when it happens.

  4. Good article!
    I would just add that the actual number of transgender that I’ve been seeing g is .3% up to .5 even if you double the high number to account for people who won’t admit that is still only 1%.

  5. I stumbled upon this post through pinterest and wanted to check it out. I would like to weigh in as a Christian public school teacher. I was raised in Christian School my entire life all but one college class that I took. Christ is absolutely the central part of my life. I say that to share my heart so that you know where I am coming from . I strongly believe that now is not the time to pull kids out of public school. One of the reasons our schools are a mess is because so many Christians have stepped away from the public schools. I do not like this bathroom directive at all, and the majority of teachers do not like it at all either. PLEASE contact your state and Federal Reps and let them know how feel about this.

    In a public school as a teacher, I can not mention the gospel. But, my students can, and they do! I have primary students who bring their church materials (such as AWANA or Jumpstreet) and totally share the lesson and Bible verses with their peers. The other students love this and several have even started going to church with their families (all because of a public school student sharing their church materials and Jesus). If all the Christian families remove their children from the public school, their peers will not have the opportunity of hearing so freely about Jesus. The Bible tells us not to hide our candle under a basket.

    When looking at Public School test scores, keep in mind that covers all the students! The students that do not speak English at all, the students that have parent’s that punish them for reading, the students that live a total nightmare of family drama, the students who have never met one or both of their parents, the students that come to school hungry, the students that only feel safe at school, and so many more. Not all homeschool students do well, My school has had a few transfer into our school and they lacked the basic skills to keep up with their classmates. My point is not test scores though. But, that this is the time to be penetrating The Light into the darkness, not retreating! Please prayerfully consider where Christ would want your family to attend school. I have come to believe the public school is one of the greatest mission fields, kids are hungry for hope, we just need families willing to answer the call. Please also stand with so many teachers in telling our leaders this bathroom law is not a good idea. We need to fight this now or it will only grow!

    1. Thank you so much for joining in the conversation. I love it and really appreciate that you took valuable time to share such a great comment. You give us a lot to think about here, and honestly, I think we’ll all have to consider many points that you’ve shared in the years to come. I am contemplating a 3rd post in this “mini-series” about how we need to start thinking now about how we’ll prepare our kids for when (and I do think this is when and not “if”) homeschooling becomes illegal. Thank you so much, I truly enjoyed reading your comment!

    2. My high schooler will be leaving public school to be home schooled soon. He was slowly slipping away from his faith while in public high school. Every day is a battle as he has to deal with the constant surrounding pressures of premarital sex, drugs, alcohol. etc. from his peers. Although I sincerely believe he’s never given in to these pressures, I know that he has given it thought, because it’s now a “norm” among high school students. My child has confided in me that even though he is trying so hard to hold on to and to live out his faith, the struggle to fit in among his peers in a secular public high school is tearing him away from it. He’s tried to speak about and defend his faith and beliefs in a earlier instance, but was been dismissed as disruptive in a class where the instructor is a non-believer who can and has openly spoken about the acceptance of homosexuality and premarital sex with contraceptives. Even though my child has received salvation through the acceptance of Christ as his Savior at the age of 5 and has been highly involved in ministry and evangelism since the age of 13, I know that he is not fully equipped to be ministering to people in a public high school. My main concern, as his parent, isn’t his test scores, his socialization, etc. It is his faith. Statistics show that a whopping 70% of people raised in Christian homes leave their faith after high school (when they leave their parents’ authoritative influence) as opposed to only 6% of home schoolers. That’s why more than ever, especially with the latest directives forced upon our public schools, I am eager to pull out my children to be homeschooled.

      1. I am so glad you stopped by to share your story. I feel it is so important to the discussion here. I think we forget, sometimes, that our children are still not mature enough to handle pressure that even many adults struggle to handle. You’re decision to homeschool is wise. I pray that this will help to strengthen him in his faith!

  6. I totally agree! I am considering homeschooling again now! Even my husband who was always against homeschooling is considering it. I don’t understand why people aren’t more outraged on Facebook about this decision. Why were we more outraged about Target?

  7. Hi Rosilind,

    Thanks for a timely post with an important issue for Christian parents. I have a 10 yr old in elementary school. I too have conemplated pulling my son out of school after the 5th grade and placing him in a christian school even if I have to work two jobs to afford it. Not only is the is the transgender bathroom/ lockeroom situation as issue, but also the kids curriculum in Public Schools are geared to the LGBT agenda to promote the accepatance of a homosexual lifestyle and re-define the definition of a traditional GOD made covenant of marriage. These are very hard times for parents. We all need to pray.


    1. Yes, I agree. The curriculum in many schools is so steeped in the LGBT agenda. Thank God we still have options, but it isn’t at all easy for parents today!

  8. You should see what the government in Alberta, Canada has been up to over the last year. We have the bathroom bill enforced and schools are being threatened with losing accreditation and funding because their plam does not pass. Mainly Catholic (which are fully govt funded) and private schools (which are partially govt funded). The largest homeschool boar, that covers 1/3 of Alberta homeschool families was also recently shut down in an attack that involved the Minister of Education alerting the media, the government officials harrasing students and the brick and mortar school and finally calling the homescholing parents with a pre recorded message. This was all done before school officials were even notified there was a problem. The charge is financial misuse, which has never been proven. Through the court of law, yestersay, the board was granted an injunction to operate, without funding, until theofficial court date of january 5. The government here has clearly stated it does not support any educational system other than public and we could use a LOT of prayer for continued freedom to educate our own children! Then add in the bathroom bill and now the PRISM Toolkit….. Look that one up. Basically teaching children thst they can choose their gender, hosting drag shows etc, all in the public classroom. Lord help us!

    1. Oh my word, Tessa, this is so serious….and what a misuse of governmental authority. But this is what over-reach of governement leads to….a loss of true freedom. I will be praying, because this impacts Christian families in a huge way…not to mention the innocence of children! Horrific!

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