Trading Chaos for Peace

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If we're not careful, our life can grow incredibly chaotic with all of the noise calling for our attention and the attention of our family. Here's why we need to trade chaos for peace.

The noise of motherhood is a constant in life.  We are continually whirling in a cyclone of activities, obligations, and day-to-day tasks.  How do you find peace amidst it all?

Our culture calls us to run life in sprints after what appeals the most.  The newest fad, parenting style, or miracle in a box is always calling and our wallets are always debiting.  A quick fix now is desirable and we are continually speeding up the response time for instant gratification.

Instant solutions come with a price-tag.  The hard earned elbow grease and grit are left behind with just a click.  What is the cost?

Our accounts are constantly recalculating balances and processing transactions.  The logo imprinted shopping bags may have highly valued purchases that bring happiness now, but when the colors fade or season passes how will we feel?  The calendar filled with activities makes the days engaging, but what memories are we making?

Amidst it all, the one thing we are looking for is moments of peace and purpose.

The days of motherhood are a category of their own design.  We juggle what is necessary as we take care of our homes and families.  The memories we are making develop over time with clear intentions.  Our homes need to be places of peace.  When we juggle too many things our own minds become lost in the chaos and we loose sight of the things that matter the most.


We are called to build up and encourage each other as moms who are leading our children to love God each day.  The instant download of perfect parenting and character training is not available with the results we desire.  It takes choosing to work through the hard things and stand firm in His love and grace.

What we model, and the imprint of Him we leave,  on the lives of our kids will be recorded in the priority we place on relationships.


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