3 Christ-Centered Family Studies For Easter

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I have been looking for some fun Easter activities for us to do this year.

My kids are getting older and I can’t wait to decorate our house today and make this Easter memorable!

But I do not want to decorate with bunnies and eggs. In our home, we emphasize a Christ-centered Easter, just like we emphasize a Christ-centered Christmas. 

You can watch a video below of my dad – a pastor of 40+ years and a great student of history – talk about the history behind the Easter bunny and Easter eggs.

Family sitting on couch reading together

Well, if you’re like me, and you’re looking for some great Christ-centered studies and activities for your family, I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve found!

The great part is that you can use these over and over, year after year, with your family as you grow and deepen your faith in Christ.

I strongly believe that as Christians, we should celebrate Easter as much as we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas really has no meaning without Easter. If Jesus hadn’t died and risen again, what meaning would His birth have had for us?

And yet, Easter wouldn’t exist if Christmas hadn’t happened. Right?

Both holidays are central to our faith and should be celebrated with all our hearts. Because of them, we have hope for all eternity.

Here are 3 Christ-centered family studies for Easter

1. Easter Tree Bible Study For Kids

A few years ago, I dreamed up this simple, but effective way to connect the story of Christ’s birth with His death, burial and resurrection.

This study comes with a free 40-day reading plan that you can adjust to the needs of your family.

As you read through each passage of Scripture, you can make Easter Tree decorations to hang on the tree.

The study concludes with your children making a tomb and a clay figure to represent Jesus, burying Him in the tomb, and then waking up Easter Sunday morning to find the tomb empty.

My children found this exciting and very memorable and ask to do it each year.

This study includes craft ideas and links to fun recipes!

You can find the Easter Tree Bible Study For Kids here.

2. Grapevine Studies – The Resurrection

If you’ve been around here very long, you know that I love Grapevine Studies. I have purchased my copy of The Resurrection and we’ll start to work through it as a family next week.

image of Grapevine The Resurrection Study

Grapevine Studies’ workbooks are great for the whole family. You can purchase just the beginner book, which already has traceables right in it, to teach your child how to draw through the Bible, or you can choose the Multi-Level version where you can tailor the workbooks to your families needs.

The Resurrection Workbook

3. Busy Books Easter Activity Pages for Kids

These Easter activity pages from Busy Books and More go along with these Busy Books sermon notes for kids. I love these because they teach older children how to listen sermons and then apply what they’ve learned on Sunday to their lives.

These activity pages are fun and there is something for all ages: ranging from color sheets and mazes to cross words. This is a great resource for the whole family.

Busy Books Easter Activity Pages

Busy Books Sermon Notes for Kids

Make Christ the center of your Easter this year as you focus on the immeasurable grace of God toward mankind! Without Jesus’ death and resurrection, we’d have no hope in this life or for all eternity.

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15

P.S. I promised a video by my dad, please take a moment to watch this and learn the true meaning behind the Easter Bunny and Egg

Click on the image to watch the video

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Check out these resources for Easter

Join me in a 40-day journey of studying and meditating on Jesus' final days on earth with this free 40 Day Easter Bible Reading Plan.#alittlerandr #easter #Jesus #bible #readingplan #quiettime #warroom
Layout of Bible verses about resurrection against a background of eggs and pussy willows
The Seven I Ams of Jesus
This colorful gospel tract is so simple and easy to use and makes a perfect gift as a bookmark. Grab your free download today! #alittlerandr #evangelism #gospel #Jesuschrist Bible
Grab these fun and colorful notebooking pages for Easter and make the Easter season meaningful and a new learning experience. #alittlerandr #easter #notebooking #noteboookingpages
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Brick Master Challenge - Easter Cards
Get to know Jesus on a deeper level as you meditate on these 30 names of Jesus found throughout Scripture, plus a free Easter reading plan and journal. #alittlerandr #easter #Jesus #bible #readingplan #quiettime #warroom
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  1. Thank you for sharing these studies. I agree that Easter is definitely just as important as Christmas, and so it needs just as much if not more attention!

  2. Please thank your father from my family for his video. I am going to have my teenage son watch it and teach our family why we won’t be celebrating ‘Easter’ anymore! Thank you for this great resource.

    1. I will tell him. Thank you!! I have watched it over and over and marvel at how he can take history and break it down to something so simple to understand. He is very gifted that way.

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