Christmas Resources for Christian Women

I find it interesting how two of the greatest celebrations of the Christian faith have become two of the most controversial holidays in the year.

Besides Christmas and Easter, the only other truly controversial holiday is Halloween.

The irony of this is striking.

I understand the controversy surrounding Halloween, though I choose not to engage in it, but I don’t understand the controversy around Christmas and Easter.

Oh – I understand what people say, I just don’t understand why they say it.

If Christians truly have a heart to celebrate Jesus, they’ll celebrate Him no matter the date on the calendar. It just so happens that most of the world choose to celebrate Christmas on December 25th and Easter in the spring.

While some may argue that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th, some scholars disagree given biblical and historical data.

Whether or not you choose to agree shouldn’t stop you from taking this time to remember one of the two greatest events in human history.

Here are some resources I’ve created for helping you make Christmas a time to slow down and spend time with Jesus – in His presence, at His feet.

As well as a fun way to make Christmas meaningful for your loved ones.

Below is content I’ve written about Christmas.

I pray these resources bless your heart….and your home this year!

Merry Christmas!

War Room Journal Prompts for Christmas

Writing out our prayers is a great form of prayer, because it forces us to slow down and really think about our prayers as we’re writing.

Slow down this Christmas and reflect on the characters, symbols and hymns of Christmas with these 15 War Room Journal Prompts for Christmas.

30 Day Prayer  Challenge for Christmas

In this 30 Day Prayer Challenge for Christmas you will find a Bible passage for each day that will take you through the entire Christmas story, starting from biblical prophecy through the event of Christ’s birth

Christmas Recipe Cards Free Printable

I love these recipe cards! They are fun, perfect for homemade Christmas gifts, and a lovely way to write down my favorite holiday meals! #alittlerandr #recipe #recipecards #freeprintable

Get these fun, colorful Christmas Recipe Cards free right in your inbox. They are not only a fun way to keep track of new Christmas recipes, or the ones you make year after year, but they are also a fun addition to a gift-in-a-jar or stocking stuffer!

Read the blog post here

Gift Guides for Christmas:

I love finding the perfect, meaningful gift for my loved ones. I’d prefer to give a small, meaningful gift that speaks about our friendship or relationship than a large, costly gift that doesn’t have meaning to it.

In these gift guides, I have crafted lists of meaningful gifts for every person you can imagine.

There are gift guides for pastors and missionaries, prayer warriors and book worms. There are gift guides for the whole family, for women, and for men. Even new Christians!

You can check out the list of gift guides that I have put together here: Gift Guides for Christians

Make Christmas extra special this year and experience Jesus Christ in a whole new way with these Christmas resources for Christian women. #alittlerandr #christmas #onlinebiblestudies #warroom #prayer #freeprintable

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