How to Find Rest as a Christian Woman With Chronic Illness – Episode 31

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Today I am continuing with my podcast series on walking with Chronic Illness as a Christian woman, and today’s topic is finding rest.

Rest is something that most people struggle with.

We have heard the message of work harder, try harder, hustle more. And trying to live up that image that has been fed to us from the media of the woman who can do it all and still get up the next day feeling amazing and ready to attack another day.

I used to share this quote: “Are you running your day or is your day running you”.

That was a quote that I often reminded myself of to keep me on task and hustling. Stay busy. Never look like I had nothing to do. Boredom is bad.

And while I had days when I certainly felt like I was in control, I couldn’t stay there consistently.

And I learned something: I’m not supposed to be in control of my day. My job is to meet the demands each day brings; and those demands will vary from day to day.

But ultimately, God is in control of my day. I needed to hand that over to Him and trust that when something unexpectedly came up, it was unexpected for me, but allowed by Him.

That completely changed my perspective.

But it did something more: It set me free! I no longer felt the drive to wrestle down my day and take control of it. I also no longer felt the frustration of not having control of my day.

It allowed me to rest in faith knowing that God is in charge of each day.

Finding that rest, that is founded upon faith and joy in Him and His presence is healing that starts in our spirit and then spreads to our soul and body.

Here are some articles I’ve written about what I’ve learned regarding adrenal fatigue.

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