Being Genuine in a World of Facades

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Bering genuine in a world of Instagram and Pinterest facades is not easy, It takes determination, but the rewards of authenticity are endless.

Perfection.  Our world desires a level of perfection that is visibly pleasing to the eyes and well accepted in social media circles. The daily lives of most moms can easily fall short of this superficial goal moments after the day begins.

The life of a mom isn’t about perfection measured by the likes in the social media feed.  Rather, it is more about molding the hearts and character of the next generation residing in our homes.  A level of “Perfection” would mean we have the job all done and for now, the reality is that we are all still in progress.

It is easy to scroll through our feeds and see a world that continually calls us to be more because someone else is doing it.  The soapbox of the day tugs at our heart strings and mobilizes the masses after the cause of the moment.

Personally, I’ve allowed my life to be cluttered by the noise of the world.  The various tunes, the influx of information now, feels overwhelming and chaotic.  My life barely moves forward as I extend all my energy trying to just keep up, let alone post a picture of my imperfection.  It leaves an overwhelming feeling of being torn in multiple directions and never feeling accomplished in one.

How many times have we promised ourselves to strive for different goals and aspirations that will change our live?  Those goals are not in vain, but our perspective on how we achieve those needs a refocus.

The mirror reflection we see each morning genuinely reflects that attitude we choose to put on. In Proverb 27 Solomon shares, “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” The life we choose to live is a reflection of the priorities we have in our hearts.

Our heart’s reflection is evident in the words we say, how we act in private and in public, and what we choose to invest our time and efforts into.

God cares more about a person’s heart than the fleeting causes they are promoting or superficial goals that they are aspiring to complete. He isn’t going to evaluate the value of your life by your social media feed, rather He is interested in seeing how you genuinely lived a life with your heart genuinely set upon doing His call in your life.

The call each one of us is given may differ in execution, but the common goal we all share revolves around sharing His love genuinely to the world around us. Being genuine in a world of facades takes determination. The imprint we leave of Him is eternal! How are you leaving a genuine imprint of Him today?



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