Getting Back on the Ketogenic Wagon. How I’m Going About It! Podcast Episode #1

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If you’ve ever gone off the Ketogenic way of eating, you know it can be hard to get back on.

I am in the process of getting back on the wagon and back into Ketosis right now; and in today’s podcast I share with you what I’m doing to stay consistent each day.

I am so excited to start this podcast!

Below are all of the places you can find me and my podcast, or just watch the video here on Rumble or on YouTube.

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Keto Resources I Love

☑️ Lies My Doctor Told Me

☑️ The Obesity Code

☑️ Ketonix Breath Meter

☑️ Vegetable Spiralizer

Blog posts about Keto that I’ve written

🔵 Why I Began the Ketogenic Diet

🔵 7 Things That Derail My Keto Journey Every Time

🔵 Stop Believing These 7 Keto Lies

Keto recipes from my blog

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