Treasures in the Dark

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It’s hard to imagine what it must have to been like for this mom of 4.

The normal tasks of caring for her home would have been enough to bear; but suddenly she was thrust into a new dimension that no parent can ever prepare for.

In her book, “Who Turned Out the Lights“, Candy Reid – one half of the duo at Mom’s Morning Coffee – walks us through the journey of the darkest era of her life.

It was as if wave after wave of adversity swept over her life, threatening to leave her and her family beaten it its wake. If the multiple seizures her son was having were not enough, perhaps the loss of a parent, followed by a cancer diagnosis should have destroyed her.

So what was her secret to getting up…again – time after time?

How is it that she can write this book, sharing the dark days, but ending with joy?


Truly she has found the secret treasure that lay in that valley of the shadow of death. She learned that to find that treasure, you have to go there, you have to walk it step-by-step, you have to spend time there – but the treasure of seeing God’s hand at work is worth the journey.


In her book, Candy details for us the dark days – as her son began having seizures; the questions, the fear, the weariness…yes, even the anger when for years she watched her son daily battle the attacks that were robbing him of his capabilities to function as a normal boy should. She shares with of her battle for faith an her struggle to comprehend why her prayers were  not being answered.

As the story turns to her own battle, she candidly reveals how the Lord began molding and shaping in her a testimony – even in the midst of great loss and unspeakable pain and suffering.

And just when one would think she had every right to throw her hands up and call it quits, she bears down and trudges on – because she knows her God.

Ending each chapter with a “Treasure” – a nugget of truth mined from the pain, Candy eloquently turns our focus back to Christ.

Here were my favorites:

[Tweet “”Any sacrifice we’re required to make can…be used to bring about…His glory.” – Candy Reid”]

“Keeping our thoughts firmly fixed on God during times of chaos and uncertainty is the only way we are assured of true and lasting peace.”

This book was unbelievably inspiring!

Who Turned the Lights” out is an easy read, but don’t let that fool you. It is a gripping tale that leaves you glued to page after page. I couldn’t put it down until I had turned the last page. This book is a must-read for anyone walking through a crisis: a child with special needs, a devastating medical report, the loss of a parent, depression, or any other kind of seemingly hopeless situation.

You can get your copy in Kindle or Paperback

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