How Can I Have My Quiet Time Without Sacrificing Sleep? Episode #13

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Is there a way to have our quiet times without sacrificing sleep?

Is morning the best time of day to have your quiet time, or can we have our quiet time at another part of the day?

Well, this week’s reader question is “How Can I Have My Quiet Time Without Sacrificing Sleep?”

And while at first glance, we may be tempted to think this person is less dedicated to spending time with God, there are those who genuinely cannot get up any earlier than they do.

In today’s podcast I answer this question, and talk about various ways we can have quiet times without getting up earlier in the morning.

If this is a question you’re asking yourself right now, be sure to listen in, or watch the episode below.

(You can view the video version of this on Rumble and on Bit Chute)

Here is another post I wrote: How to Keep From Falling Asleep While You Pray

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How Can I Have my Quiet Time Without Sacrificing Sleep?

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