Multi-Grade Independence Day Unit Study

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“Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free..?”

This is a good question to ask ourselves, but before one can ask himself if he is free, one must learn what it means to truly be free. 

Does being free mean we can behave however we want?

What is liberty really?

Mother and daughter under an American flag

An Independence Day unit study would be an excellent way to learn as a family about the foundations upon which our great country was built.

Bible:  Learning the true meaning of freedom

Someone once said: “True liberty is not the freedom to do as one chooses, but the freedom to do what is right.”

This might be the perfect time as a family to read and talk about Romans 6. Proven Path Ministries has a great Romans 6 study for kids.

A perfect verse for memorization could be James 1: 25

“But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it–not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it–they will be blessed in what they do.”

A wonderful, relatively new addition to the internet is Webster’s Original Dictionary.

You can search for words and read the original definitions written by Noah Webster for those words.

Sometimes he even included the Biblical passage for the word’s first mention. Here is his original definition for Liberty.

As well as the definition for freedom.

Reading these definitions and seeing how they agree with God’s Word could be a wonderful addition to your Family devotion time.

History: The difference between the American and French Revolutions

Looking at the differences between the American and French Revolutions could be a natural extension of your devotion time.

The American Revolution is an excellent example of how true liberty in Christ enabled the colonists to do what was right.

First appeal and honor the king.

Even honoring him in the respectful letter of the First Continental Congress.

The greatest influencer of the way Americans perceived freedom is their belief in God’s Word.

The American Revolution was greatly influenced by the First Great Awakening (1730’s-1770’s) and many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were deeply impacted by the First Great Awakening.

Whereas the American colonists were influenced by revival and the Word of God, the French were influenced by the writings of Voltaire and Rousseau and other influencers of the Enlightenment. 

French soldiers who came to fight alongside the American colonists in the Revolutionary War went back home spreading stories of freedom and equality and awakened a passion for liberty in the French.

However, the desire for freedom is twisted without the balance and foundation of God’s Word.

In the former, the passion for freedom brought about life and blessing; in the later, vast destruction, a reign of terror, and death.

Here is a wonderful online game to play for learning where the thirteen original colonies were located.

Here is a game for learning the names of French cities.


Here is a website with some wonderful 4th of July math worksheets.

You can either use them as a drill sheet or as good review for that day. Either way, it’s a fun, educational way to do math!

Practical Math / Handwriting / Reading

Another way you could do math for this holiday and squeeze in Handwriting and Reading would be to make cupcakes from scratch and decorate them with frosting and festive sprinkles.

You can use this lesson as an introductory to fractions or teach more advanced fractions by having them double the recipe!

Have them first read through the entire recipe out loud once or twice (Reading), and for handwriting, have them write the recipe on a card before baking.

If they are doubling the recipe, they will need to figure out all of those fractions correctly so have them do the work themselves so that you can check their work before they get started baking.

Language: Using the National Anthem

Mad libs are a fun, hilarious way to practice your language skills.

This is a fun 4th of July grammar worksheet. It can be used as a worksheet for younger grades and a review drill for older students: Independence Day Mad Libs

A good idea for more advanced grades would be to take the national anthem and have your children lable the words with the types of speech.

If you want them to really hate you now and love you later, have them diagram those sentences!

Spelling and Penmanship

Here are some free colorful 4th of July Notebooking Pages on which your child can practice his penmanship and spelling words.

4th of July Notebooking Pages Cover Image

Find all of my free Notebooking Pages here.

Also, this 4th of July Fun Pack from Year Round Homeschooling is great, as well as their American Flag Fun Pack and Pre-K Patriotic Fun Pack


Below you will find several reading choices for various age groups.

For children ages 2- 5:  The Story of America’s Birthday is a lovely book:

You can find it read on YouTube as well so that your young reader can follow along first in his book.

This is also great for children with MERLD and dyslexia, to experience reading from many different types of media:

Everyone loves the Berenstain Bears. Their Kindle Book, God Bless Our Country on Amazon comes complete with audio and video versions!

For readers 6-8 years old a book on Paul Revere could be just the thing: 

And for readers 8-12 years old, this book on the Declaration of Independence is excellent:  (With Kindle and Audible)

For middle and high schoolers this book on Johnny Tremain could be remarkably interesting and educational.

Since there is an audible version for this book, as well, you could use it as „story time“ for younger children while mom gets important stuff done, like cooking, laundry (or having the cup of secret coffee with a bit of chocolate in the pantry).

Music: Learn to play your favorite patriotic song on the piano

If your child is learning to play the piano, here are some 4th of July options for them:

Beginners: “America”:

“America the Beautiful”:

Intermediate: “America the Beautiful”:

Advanced: “God Bless the USA”:

Buy the sheet music here

Art:  Make special 4th of July Decorations

Arts and crafts are always a fun way to celebrate Independence Day.

There is so much one can do with kids for the 4th of July and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make red, white, and blue paper chains to decorate your living room or porch.
  • Make a construction paper American flag
  • If you want to go all gung-ho, make American flag placemats for each person in your family, cover them with clear contact paper so you can wipe them off and make napkin rings to go with them.
  • You can make this big star as a front door decoration:

Celebrating holidays as a family is key in carrying over foundational truths from God’s Word.

Even though Independence Day isn’t a Biblical holiday, the principle of true freedom is founded in God’s Word.

Enjoy your Independence Day celebration… and don’t forget the fireworks!

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