Hope For Our Grief e-Study


Learn how to walk through grief with the hope of Christ.

Topics include:

  • What does the Bible say about grief
  • Learning how to find healthy comfort
  • Helping a child walk through grief
  • Is your loved one in heaven
  • plus 3 bonus lessons

Free printables are included! 



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Where do you go to find comfort?


Perhaps you’ve not even taken time to consider this question, but we all turn to something or someone for in those times when we’re walking through difficult times.

  • Times of loss
  • Time of reversal
  • Times of pain
  • Times of rejection

Mine have always been food and work.

When I am grieving or trying to cope with a difficult situation, I often turn to food and work to give me an escape from the pain.

This is something I’ve been working very hard to resolve in my life.

You see, Jesus already sent us a Comforter. The Holy Spirit was sent to us as our Comforter after Jesus ascended into heaven.

But more than that, we also have God’s Word that is filled with verses meant to comfort our hearts and remind us of eternity, that this world is not our home, and that God understands our pain and comforts our hearts.

The Holy Spirit’s comfort and the comfort of the Word in our hearts is the only true comfort there is. It is a lasting comfort that directs our eyes to eternity.

Everything else is temporary and many actually damage our physical bodies.

The comfort of the Holy Spirit and the Word brings rest to our body, mind, and emotions and that rest enables us to grieve with hope.


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