Do you pray for your marriage? No, not your spouse…but your actual marriage. Do you know that Satan has a strategy to destroy your marriage?

I know that sounds pessimistic, but to be really honest, we need to consider this fact because our decision to look at it square in the eyes could mean the life or death of our marriage.

Yes, Satan has a strategy to undermine and destroy your marriage.

But not just your marriage, but the entire institution of marriage.


He will use:
* Nagging wives
* Reverse chauvinism (meaning chauvinistic women against men)
* Immorality
* Pornography – yes, and porn for women disguised as romance novels
* Adultery….even in our hearts
* Misplaced priorities
* Distanced emotions
* Political agendas
*  Hollywood portrayals
* Hooking up and shacking up
* Homosexuality
* Polygamy
* Perversion

and all sorts of other tactics to undermine and devalue the institution and covenant of marriage.

Do you know why?

Because it is the very picture of the God’s relationship with the church.

That’s why God created marriage. So that we could visualize His covenant relationship with us.

And Satan hates that!

The Word of God has great power; but somehow I think that if we would choose to pair prayer up with scripture and actually pray scripture in situations and circumstances of our lives that it would be like a shot of nitro to our prayers!

Praying the Word of God is an exciting and effective way to pray!

Hi, my name is Rosilind and I am a Bible study leader and author.

I am a student of the Bible and hold an Associates degree in theology. I love God’s Word and I enjoy teaching others how to have an effective quiet time, even as busy moms and homemakers.

As I have prepared for these prayer challenges I have found exciting scriptures to target specific areas of our Christian walk.

In this 30 Day Prayer Challenge for Marriage you will find a Bible verse or passage for each day about God’s design for marriage to strengthen your marriage through the power of prayer.

To use this workbook, you will read the given verse or passage from the day and write out an observation about that verse or passage.

Then you will write out a prayer to the Lord, using the verse or passage for that day as a guide.

Using God’s Word as a guide for our prayers is such a powerful tool.

It is also a powerful weapon, combining the sword of the Spirit and the weapon of prayer into one atomic weapon against the enemy who seeks to destroy us.

Get this 30 Day Prayer Challenge for My Identity in Christ today when you click here or on the image below.

Take 30 days and pray for your marriage. Not just your spouse, but for your marriage! Download this free 32 page printable pack today by clicking here!

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