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Worship is a Spiritual Weapon the Enemy Doesn’t Want You to Use

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Worship is such a powerful weapon to defeat the enemy that he will use any means necessary to keep you from using it in spiritual warfare.

I know this to be true in my own life.

I grew up singing and began taking piano lessons at the age of nine.

I couldn’t see myself doing anything in life but leading worship, and I had lead worship for many years. But as I sat in prayer one day, I realized that months had gone by that I hadn’t listened to worship music, or even sang other than while at church.

Woman in field with hands raised

You see, I had been deeply wounded; and I allowed that wound go deep down into my heart.

Disillusionment took over and parts of me began to shut down. That was one of those parts.

I lost all desire to sing or play – partly because any time I began to sing an overwhelming sorrow would take over and I simply didn’t want to go there.

I truly believe now that the very thing that would have been the key to my freedom was the thing I was avoiding.

During that time I had any number of excuses to avoid turning on worship music at home – mostly “I don’t like most of the new music coming out. It’s not my style”.

And I’d quickly shut my ears to the echo of my mom’s voice reminding me that if we find it hard to worship because of a style of music, the problem is with us, not with the music.

A hard place had formed in my heart and the enemy was rejoicing because of it!

We read several accounts of how God used worship to defeat Israel’s enemies as they marched through the desert toward the Promised Land, and even after they arrived and were fighting against their adversaries,.

Worship is what chased away King Saul’s tormenting spirit.

When you look at the Hebrew words for worship, you see how many of them describe acts of warfare – such as clapping, which is the same Hebrew word used in the story in Judges 4 when Jael’s wife drove the tent peg through Sisera’s temple.

Throughout the Psalms we are commanded over and over again to worship through clapping, raising our hands, bowing down, playing various instruments, shouting, twirling, and even dancing.

Paul commanded us to sing Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs – even to sing in a known tongue and in an unknown tongue.

But the enemy knows the tremendous power of worship; because when God is exalted in our eyes, we begin to comprehend the tremendous power He has to utterly demolish our enemy.

And Satan can’t have that!

So, he will use any number of tactics to keep us from truly worshiping.

  • He will distract us
  • He will make us feel embarrassed by telling us we can’t sing well
  • He will make us feel self-conscious about clapping or raising our hands so that we can’t focus on God fully
  • He will tempt us to become bitter, so that we begin to shut down in this area
  • He will tempt us to exalt man and man’s abilities so that we worship the music, the song, the singer, the musician, and many other things other than God

And these are just a few ways that the enemy keeps us from using worship as a true weapon of spiritual warfare.

But we can choose to not give in to the enemy’s plan. We can choose to foil his agenda. We can choose to boldly stand (or bow) and worship God in spirit and in truth and break his power.

And that’s just what I did while we were singing in church one Sunday morning.

I was wound up tight with anxiety. I was so tunneled into my problem that I could barely concentrate. But then we began singing “Enter into your victory. Enter into your victory. Freedom is waiting, just take a step of faith…”

I knew I needed to just go to the altar and bow down and worship – but I felt really self-concious.

“Everyone will just think I’m weird!”

But I knew it was God calling me to take that step of faith. I was shaking from my head to my feet, but with wobbly legs, I walked to the front and got on my knees at the altar and began worshiping from a deep heart of authenticity. And that freedom just flew right in.

Something broke that day as I walked away from the enemy’s temptation to give in to self-conscious pride.

As I stepped out in front of everyone and truly worshiped in spirit and in truth, that weapon to finally silenced his lies in my heart and mind.

And I was free!

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  1. This is truly an eye-opener. Most times, when I want to sing and worship God, I allow myself to remember my problems and this makes me to skip worship.

    I understand now that it’s the enemy’s intention to keep us from praising God in truth and in spirit. Whenever I feel down, it’s the perfect time to worship God Almighty. Thank you Jesus for divine wisdom.

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