3 Goals I Have For the New Year

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The New Year is right around the corner and I’m doing a lot of reflection over this past year, the goals that I had for 2018, and how far I’ve come in meeting them and where I feel like I need to focus in 2019.

I feel like 2018 was a great year, in a way.

I see a lot of personal improvement; and I see several areas where I need to grow – as a mom, as a wife, and as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Making goals for the New Year is so much easier than making resolutions. Goals are flexible and promote a journey. Here are 3 goals to make for the New Year #alittlerandr #goals #NewYear #resolutions #audiobooks #screentime #trust #meditation

What I love about goals is that they are so much flexibility – they give me a journey, and they allow the journey to be long and convoluted – much like how journeys tend to be in life.

They also allow for route changes -because so often I begin a certain route toward my destination, only to discover that the route I’m taking may need a detour…or shortcut.

Along with my goals, I also choose a word for the year.

I’ve chosen words like: position and revival…this year my word is trust.

I feel that while I have faith for many things, I don’t always trust God very well. I know this may sound contradictory – that I have faith but not trust. But I hope to write more about my journey to trust more in 2019

3 Goals I Have For the New Year

I want to be clear, I definitely have more than just 3 goals for the new year; but these are 3 of the main goals I have for this year.

1. Listen to at least 1 book on audible a month

Here’s the thing. I listed a ton of books I wanted to read in 2018….and I didn’t read one of those books to the end. In fact, I started one book, got halfway through and that is as far as I was able to work through my stack of books.

There they sit on the shelf next to my desk. Covered in the dust of 2018.

Sometimes, you have to look at your life and your goals and ask yourself, “Do I have unreasonable expectations for myself?”

And reading actual books right now is unrealistic for me.

I am extremely busy as a mom, wife, homemaker, Bible study leader, and business owner. I do light reading before bed and I’m lucky if I read one page before falling asleep.

But, I love listening to podcasts.

I make good use of housecleaning, ironing, and folding laundry by listening to various podcasts, but some of the podcasts I listen to are not very useful….to be 100% honest.

I can make amazing use of this time by listening to books on Audible; books that will help me grow in my relationship with God; books that will help me grow as a wife and mom…and even books that will help me grow as a business owner!

Find out more about Audible here!

2. Go offline on the weekends

Did you know that too much screen time causes adrenaline output and can be addicting? For many, social media causes a dopamine rush, turning on pleasure centers in the brain and can be as addicting as cocaine.

Not only can too much screen time be addicting, it can also cause stress on the body.

For those who battle chronic stress, taking regular breaks away from the Internet is invigorating and restful.

My goal for 2019 is to work toward being offline on the weekends.

3. Meditate on trust

One thing I like to do is find verses that have to do with my word for the year.

This year I plan to not only locate and read verses that have to do with trust, but I plan to meditate on them throughout the year.

You see, it is one thing to have faith in who God is and what He said, but it is another thing to put your whole life, your future, and the outcome of your circumstances in the hand of God and leave it there….without trying to bargain with God or micromanage His response and His work in your life.


I think this is a hard one for many of us – I know it is for me.

2017 was a year filled with a lot of anxiety for me.

2018 was a year of learning how to get my anxiety under control and lower the drama in my life.

2019 will be the year that I learn abundant trust.

I am taking what I’ve learned about anxiety and faith and am teaching a workshop on resolving drama in our lives in the 2019 A New Year Your Best Year Mom Conference.

I am joining with over 90 other moms and amazing speakers to deliver lifetime access to tons of fabulous workshops on personal and spiritual development, parenting, marriage, homemaking, cooking, organizing, and so much more!


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  1. I am very interested in this upcoming conference. I am a grandmother now, and my grandkids don’t live with me, but are a very important part of my life on a daily basis.
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