How Does the Church Fight Her Battles? Episode 8

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9 months ago, our whole world was turned on its head.

We were told “just until we flatten the curve”, and when the curve flattened and not much changed, we were told “we need to prepare for a 2nd wave”.

I am going to assume that the world going into a 2nd lockdown in less than a year means we’re in a “2nd wave”.

But as my sister and I were talking the other day, she pointed something out that has been niggling at me, but hadn’t yet been verbalized the way she verbalized it.

And that’s the topic of today’s podcast.

I love the song, “This is how I fight my battles” – clothed in a garment of praise.

But there is more of our armor we need for this spiritual battle we’re in.

So, this is how the church fights her battles…are you ready?

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How Does the Church Fight Her Battles?

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