It’s My Birthday and I’m Bringing the Gifts

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Hey everyone! It’s my birthday this week – and I’m bringing the gifts!

I have never been ashamed to tell people how old I am. I feel that age is just a number.

Honestly, I don’t feel my age at all – I feel at least 10 years younger. Even on my toughest day with chronic illness.

This year I celebrate my 48th birthday.

And I thought a fun way to celebrate would be to give you a 48% discount from my store.

Everything — is 48% percent off with the coupon code: HAPPY BIRTHDAY

So, all you need to do is pop over to my Shop Tab

If something interests you, click on the image. That will take you to a page description of what it is.

Scroll down, and you’ll find a “Buy Now” tab. (for the Bible studies and courses, it is halfway down the page and is a green button)

Also, I am celebrating all week long – so have fun, and tell your friends!!

P.S. To find a comprehensive list of my freebies, go here.

P.S.S. Don’t miss today’s post where I share with my my 40 Day Prayer Challenge Journal for Easter!!

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