Study the Book of 1 Chronicles With Me

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I am pretty sure no one has said to you before, “Hey! Let’s study 1 Chronicles together!” 1 Chronicles isn’t one of those exciting books that you can’t wait to dig into.

But can I tell you a secret?

EVERY book in the Bible is there for a reason. God didn’t randomly choose to include books in the Bible, He put them there for a purpose and expects us to read and study them.

I’ll never forget when Good Morning Girls did a study through the book of Numbers.

I wasn’t exactly excited about studying the book of Numbers, it was my least favorite book of the Bible – and yet, as I set my heart to get everything I could out of it, I discovered a huge secret!

The book of Numbers has so much to say about our identity in Christ!

Now, the book of 1 Chronicles does include a lot of genealogies – a lot of names we’ll have trouble pronouncing.

That may get a little boring.

But, lest you may be tempted to skip past those chapters, let me tell you – God oftentimes tucks little secret gems in those passages…

When men would go mining for gold, silver, and other precious metals and stones, they wouldn’t find their treasures all purified and cut and polished. No, they had to look in unlikely places for what they hoped to find.

And sometimes it’s the same with God’s Word.

Sometimes, we will find the greatest treasure in the most unlikely book, and tucked in a section that puzzles us – but it’s there!

The book of 1 Chronicles will start out with a huge family tree.

God wanted His people to remember their heritage – to not forget where they came from and the promises He gave to their ancestors. This was clearly very important to Him.

From there, we will pick up with the beginning of King David’s reign and review what we read in 1 Kings about his time as King of Israel.

Finally, we will end with the preparations he laid out for the temple.

No – God didn’t allow David to build the temple, but he did lay out the plans and give them to his son Solomon.

1 & 2 Chronicles was originally one book, but was later divided for easier reading, as they have a combined total of 65 chapters.

It is unclear who the author of the books is, but it is widely believed that Ezra penned these books as he was a scribe, as well as a priest, and 2 Chronicles closes with Cyrus, king of Persia, writing a decree allowing the Jews to return to their homeland of Judah.

Though much of what is covered in these books is also recorded in 1 & 2 Kings, we shouldn’t assume that they are unnecessary or redundant, any more than the Mark, Luke, and John are redundant – covering much of the same scope as the Gospel of Matthew.

1 & 2 Chronicles is a retelling of much of what was already written, but from a different perspective.

So – I would like to repeat: I want to invite you to study 1 Chronicles with me. I believe this book will be exciting, enlightening, and will speak to us as God’s Word is always speaking to us.

Below you will find information on how to join us.

We will start on April 4, 2022

Where: You can find my private Facebook Group here: Good Morning Girls in the Word

What Do I Need? You can either order the 1 Chronicles workbook from Amazon, or you can visit Good Morning Girls to grab the digital version of this workbook or the free workbook (note: the free workbook is just a SOAK journal without all of the extras).

What can I expect? Both Courtney and I will be blogging through1 Chronicles – each on our own blogs.

Each Monday, Courtney will provide resources on her Good Morning Girls blog

Each Wednesday, I’ll be blogging here about what I’m learning through what we’re reading and through the 1 Chronicles study

Each Friday, Courtney will be sharing a wrap-up of the study for that week.

A Little More About Good Morning Girls and My Groups

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Good Morning Girls is an online Bible study for women. Began by Courtney Joseph in her church, she took the Bible study to the Internet in 2009 and invited ladies all over America to join her in keeping each other accountable to their daily time with the Lord.

Little did she know that this Bible study would extend beyond the borders of America to literally every region of the world!!

In 2014 I joined Courtney, together with my dear friends Misty, Mandy and Bridget, in helping to lead Good Morning Girls. It has been an amazing journey as we’ve watched Good Morning Girls not only grow beyond what we could have dreamed or imagine, but we’ve had the amazing honor to see women’s lives changed by daily digging into God’s Word!

Good Morning Girls is a simple study – we simply read the Bible.

We believe that there is power in the Word of God and the Word of God alone can defeat the enemy. So we read one chapter a day 5 days a week. And we will continue this method until we’ve read through the entire Bible!!

All the materials are free and are available at Women Living Well!

In the summer of 2012 I opened the very first Good Morning Girls group in Croatia.

12 women, all members of my church.

I had no idea where it would lead. But by the following summer it exploded to cover the countries of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.

You can read the story here

If you’d like more information about Good Morning Girls Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, you can find our blog here, follow us on Facebook, or message me to join one of our 10 private Facebook study groups.

In 2017, my dear friend Mary and I opened up our first International study group in English. You can find us at Good Morning Girls in the Word

Become a Good Morning Girls Bible Study Leader!

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Good Morning Girls Leadership Training

Good Morning Girls follows the S.O.A.K method of studying God’s Word. You can discover what that means here. We also recommend this fun and practical way of reading your Bible: color coding your Bible. You can find the color code system below and read about it here:

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